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Jake Miller’s Silver Lining II Has Arrived!

Jake Miller’s Silver Lining II Has Arrived!

Jake Miller has served Silver Lining II on a silver platter, and it is the summer jam we didn’t know we needed! The massive 21-song album is now available across all streaming platforms. Listen here and let the album blow you away!

A follow-up to Jake’s 2018 hit album, Silver Lining, the 2.0 version includes all of his previously released singles and ten brand new songs. Let’s dive right into this gift that keeps on giving!


Jake Miller opens Silver Lining II with a perfect introduction to the theme of the album. This short yet melodious track broods over the background of music etched in Silver Lining II while also delivering headfirst the message that Jake intended for it.

‘Saved Me’

Ah, here comes our Quarantine jam! A month-old single, with a sick trap beat, Jake’s ethereal vocals, and a catchy chorus, ‘Saved Me’ pretty much saved us! We completely relate to the lyrics and the feeling of being down and underwater with life’s challenges until someone comes along and pulls us out.

‘Ross And Rachel’

This track takes us back to that Friends episode where Ross tells Rachel, “It’s always been you, Rach.” Oh, shoot! Where are those tissues? Also, a sequel to his track, ‘WAIT FOR YOU’ from his 2019 EP BASED ON A TRUE STORY, ‘Ross And Rachel’ advances from a tune about unrequited love to an anthem about waiting for them to be ready for you.


This one is going to be our song of hope and comfort. Jake almost speaks our thoughts on ‘Click’ and reminds us to wait patiently for our time. The pieces for the humungous puzzle we call Life will eventually fall in place. So, the next time we feel dejected, we’ll remember “all the blood, sweat, and tears will be worth it!”

‘Simple Life’

Another one of our favorites from the last year, Jake reflects on his life growing up, following on the road to stardom and crossing blades with the idea of living a simple one. This stripped-back pop anthem with guitar, lovely storytelling, and raw Jake Miller vocals, makes the perfect recipe for a banger!

‘Jumpin (feat. Miles)’

We are in love with this upbeat collaboration! We’re sure you’ll listen to this one with a smile on your face- the lyrics are that cute! The beat drops in resonance with our hearts as Jake’s smooth vocals tread lightly, giving way to a resounding rap section by MILES. A bop, we say!

‘Salt Water’

Sharp trap beats cutting through Jake’s versatile range of vocals, and the sound of snapping fingers, this is the kind of song that stays stuck in your head! Jake never fails to impress us, and this track speaks loud and clear for it!


How do you thank that one person who takes all the stress away when you are grinding 24/7 and feeling overworked? You write them a song! This EDM-pop hit from early 2021 fills our minds as if in a dream, along with trippy visuals and the new tone set for Silver Lining II.

‘Crystal Ball’

Can we feel the temperature rising? For reasons beyond our comprehension, there is only one word to describe this song – Hypnotic. This trippy, catchy track has been an earworm, doing rounds on our playlists since it was released earlier this year. It’s a hard choice, but this one has made it to our Top 5 from Silver Lining II so far!

‘Stay True’

Jake Miller rapping? Can it even get any better than this? Silver Lining II is so full of surprises, and we aren’t even complaining! Switching between rap sections and falsettos and sending out a thundering message of staying true to yourself, Jake smashed it on this one!

‘Black Cloud’

A lyrical masterpiece, ‘Black Cloud’ reminds us to look past the dark parts of our life and advance towards the better, brighter ones. Because after all, “it’s just a blur in the background,” and we can outrun it!

‘Hold On To This’

Ever heard a song and wanted to be a part of its music video? Because, same! And this is one of those songs! It makes your mind race through imaginary islands, and cruises, shopping sprees, and late-night dates. All until you realize you’re tripping. But, of course, you can “hold on to this moment!”

‘Blame It On You’

Long-distance lovers! Here’s a toast to you! Blame it on Jake Miller for making us miss our partners living miles away or the partners that merely exist in our heads! A cheerful tune, ‘Blame It On You,’ feels dreamy, whimsical, almost like floating on a cloud, just like Jake wanted it!


It almost feels like a dream that continues even when we’re wide awake! Following in the same footsteps as the previous couple tracks, ‘Tangerine’ takes us to the beaches we started dreaming about in the first place! Also, the last few seconds of this track surprised us – in a very good way!

‘Day By Day’

By the time we reached this track, we were almost distracted by Jake’s smooth-as-butter vocals! This one’s a reminder to relish the love you have with your partner. Instead of rushing in, let’s cherish them and take it ‘Day By Day!’

‘Lights On’

Jake really said – Silver Lining II is going to be a party for The Millertary! This song makes you want to wobble your heads and tap your feet in joy! A perfect dance bop, ‘Lights On’ is now our go-to song for long drives and club nights!

See Also


We remember Jake saying that ‘Reset’ was one of his favorite songs that he’d ever made. Guess what, Miller? It’s one of our favorites too! This hot EDM-pop record from 2020 has been a regular on our playlists, and we are, once again, blaming Jake’s extraordinary vocal powers and storytelling!

‘Let’s Go Home’

This one’s special! Jake wrote this song last year for his girlfriend upon an emotional and exciting thought of moving across the country and starting a new chapter together. Ah, we can feel the tears rushing in now!

‘I Hope I Die First’

Our sunshine is in love, and he’s not shying away from it! Another emotional love tune, this ghost from the past, is one we always root for! One of our favorites from Jake Miller, it’s an ode to unconditional love.

‘Saved Me – Acoustic’

As if we weren’t already fangirling strong enough on the original song, Jake makes it a blessing altogether with an acoustic version! Just his dreamy vocals and his guitar, we can only thank Jake for gifting us this version!

‘Adderall – Acoustic’

What better way to close the album than to deliver another acoustic version of a song we already love? Switching to piano and violins this time, Jake closes the extraordinary experience of listening to Silver Lining II in the best way possible!

We would love to hear from you! What do you think of Jake Miller’s Silver Lining II? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Zack Caspary

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