Elise Eriksen Hits The Golden Number With New EP

Elise Eriksen Hits The Golden Number With New EP

Scandinavian pop is still alive, and we have the proof here at THP. Even if she made the big move to New York and is now based in Los Angeles, Elise Eriksen’s northern sparkle is still present in her music. She has released her brand new EP this week, and it’s time to feel the magic!

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Show Us Your Moves!

Do you feel you need more tracks to power up for your training? We found the modern Flashdance soundtrack in Elise Eriksen’s Golden Boy EP opener. The title track is the epitome of coolness. It’s a burst of energy we can’t get out of. Along with her siren voice, the synth-crafted melody is catchy as hell. The retro vibes invade our bodies. All we can do is bop and dance!

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‘Smile’ While You Are Young

We’re only ‘Young Once,’ tells us Elise Eriksen in her Golden Boy EP. She hits the strings with pure emotion like Lykke Li and the vocal power of Zara Larsson. “We’re only young once / We won’t live forever/ We’re only young once/ We’re only young once/ Wild and free together,” she softly hums in our ears. She enchants us with that inflammatory chorus. Life is short so just live it to the max with your friends and family. It can easily become your comfort song of the moment as well as ‘Smile.’ The Norway-born singer playfully drops the notes in this R’n’B flavored track.

If you like Olivia Rodrigo‘s sad piano ballads, Elise Eriksen is the one to watch for you. From bass notes to high falsetto, she brings intense feelings to our hearts.

‘Less’ Than Ordinary!

The precious emerging talent and hard work paid off. Elise Eriksen is remarkable, and the best songwriters in the industry want to collaborate with her. ‘Less’ is that cheerful summer song and was co-written by the one and only Julia Michaels. The bright hooks are neverending, and so are they as well on the remix by DJ Afrojack. Sway to the rhythms and jive! The remix is on fire. Joy is spreading around, thanks to Elise’s angelic tones!

Stream or buy the Golden Boy by Elise Eriksen here. Don’t miss out!

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Featured Image Source: Elise Eriksen via Instagram

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