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Jessie J Is Back To Love-Town With ‘I Want Love’

Jessie J Is Back To Love-Town With ‘I Want Love’

Now we don’t think you understand just how obsessed we are with the music video that Jessie J just dropped for her latest song, ‘I Want Love.’ We can’t turn it off for the life of us!

Grammy-nominated pop star with an iron voice, Jessie J has always made good on her promise to make real music for real people, and she never did learn how to disappoint. Listen to the song right here!

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‘I Want Love’ Is The Love Jam For 2021 & Beyond!

It’s borderline spooky how JJ has managed to steal every thought inside our heads and strewn it into the smashing musical piece on fire that ‘I Want Love’ is. It has always been our favorite season of the year when Jessie J decides to drop a love-song video packaged in a show-stealing hook. From ‘Casualty Of Love’ to ‘Say You Love Me,’ no one covers the concept of love better than her.

‘I Want Love’ is a song that seems to come out of a page from our diaries where Jessie J sings about how at the end of the day, all we want is love. And a statutory warning- the extent to which you’ll relate to the lyrics is fatal.

“I wanted you yesterday / No, nothing’s changed / You’ve always been the one / And I want love”

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If you’ve secretly missed your long-lost love and the ex you claim to have moved on from, welcome to the club. Now can you please recognize ‘I Want Love’ as our community anthem? Thank you.

Jessie J has poured every ounce of power and passion into her long-awaited song, and her vocals have aged like fine wine. ‘I Want Love’ is the bittersweet surrender to the feeling of love where you break past all inhibitions and dive head fast into it. And if you wanted to dance your brains off to it, Jessie J has taken care of that too, because ‘I Want Love’ offers the sickest beat ever!

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‘I Want Love’ Music Video Is A Piece Of Art

The music video that was released via LAVA/Republic Records has only added to the magic. It opens with Jessie driving away in a vintage car to an empty jazz diner, and we get a dope dance sequence at the beat drop! And with the funky chains going with a pair of oversized shades, she recreates the 90’s ambience when we would leave town blasting ACDC rock music in our cars. Watch the music video right here, and may we suggest you stretch a bit before you do because you’re most probably going to want to dance like crazy.

The music video has dropped just in time as Jessie prepares the stage for her fifth full-length album scheduled to be released within the year. And no, don’t even try to calm us down about this one! Jessie J had also roped in three times Grammy-winning Ryan Tedder as producer and co-writer for ‘I Want Love’, who has previously flipped out stellar productions for Adele and Beyoncé. And no doubt, he has lived up to his name because the song slaps!

“This album is like a short film over many years of my life and this video is the first part of that story I’m sharing. I wanted the video to feel like people weren’t supposed to see this moment. A moment between the moments captured.”

Jessie J about her new music video for ‘I Want Love’

Previously rocking her collaboration with Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj with the smashing hit ‘Bang Bang,’ Jessie J is only on the ascent without a pause! And we’re blasting off ‘I Want Love’ till we’re sick of falling in love at all, so that should tell you that it’s going to be a long time.

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So what are you waiting for? Hit the club and break some stilettos because Jessie J has given you the track for it!

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Here’s another anthem you wanted to dance away your love problems. Yes, we read minds like that.

Comment below your favorite lyrics from this thunderous song and tweet us @TheHoneyPop. Or let’s bond over old love memories at Facebook and Instagram!


Featured Image Source: Ashley Osborn

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