Marzz Skips The Gender Boundaries And We Love It!

Marzz Skips The Gender Boundaries And We Love It!

Do you sometimes have a boost of inspiration and want to write little stories about yourself? Do you think about your past life, having regrets, or just enjoying the old times? Rising R’n’B star Marzz is up here to deliver a message of hope for Pride Month.

Image Source: Elizabeth ‘Eli’ Wirija

Take Control!

Who’s excited for Marzz Love Letterz EP? Surprise! It’s out now and we are enlightened by all the smooth grooves. It is filled with lots of emotions, so get on a rollercoaster ride of positivity and tears. Marzz takes her inspiration from her whole life experiences as she opens up to shine a light on loving ourselves as humans. Her beautiful ode to ‘Cleopatra’ leaves us with chills, where she tells everyone that she can’t let people control her, even if the co-dependence demons are still there. Say it louder queen!

Delivering truths and struggles, Marzz is that new-gen poet in the likes of Greentea Peng, stream the EP here! Watch the ‘Countless Times’ brand new music video here.

Dress Code? Nope!

At a very young age, Marzz knew she didn’t want to follow the circus. Does wearing a pretty dress to look feminine and sweet make you uncomfortable? It’s a legit feeling. Be yourself and have your own dress code. Don’t be afraid of the judgment of others. Marzz explains in the new animation video that people around us dictate what to wear, what to do, and how to act. Though we gotta keep strong and rebel against it. We are the only ones who know what we really want. Through the eyes of her inner child, she relates her coming-out story to her mom as a teenager in this colorful animation video, directed by Leotheshooter and Tahj Jacobi. Be proud of yourself! Check out episode one below, and head over to Marzz’s Instagram for more!

How would you celebrate Pride Month? What do you think about this personal story from Marzz? Share your experiences with us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Do you want more songs that can make you a feel stronger? We got you covered!


Featured Image Source: Braylen Dion

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