Griff Take Life Step By Step On New Mixtape

Griff Take Life Step By Step On New Mixtape

There is this kind of artist that gives us chills! BBC Sound Of 2021 shortlist-nominee Griff is one of them. She gave a stunning performance of her track ‘Black Hole’ at the Brits Awards and won the Rising Star trophy. To celebrate this, why not take a glimpse at her brand new mixtape, One Foot In Front Of The Other.

Sweet Soul

When we think of this year’s Brits Awards, we highlight Griff’s powerful live rendition of her track ‘Black Hole.’ Her notes flew in the air so naturally. Her voice culminates in escaping sounds, bringing dreamy vibes. The new pop sensation keeps catching our attention with her upbeat hooks and her melancholic sounds. One Foot In Front Of The Other won’t let you down. We are so in love with the soul musicality and the bright instrumentation of ‘Remembering My Dreams.’ Life is hopeful, and Griff’s tender and blissful melodies will come right at you!

Mellow Yellow!

If you were to say earworm, we would point in the direction of the incredible track that is ‘Shade Of Yellow.’ Griff’s groove and sensibility hit hard. Smooth and silky, we love the piano turns as Nina Nesbitt does so well, as long as the solid and uplifting vocals she gives in. Fans of Holly Humberstone will also love the acoustic parts the singer-songwriter pushes flawlessly. Griff’s creative path is immense. She takes one step further at each song she writes. If you want to learn more about her inspiration, check out the Spotify Radar Presents: Griff here, it worth the watch.

Image Source: Ricardo Castano

Golden Touch

People with different beliefs attract each other. We’ve been knew! “He got a heart like gold/And mine’s a little more like stone,” sings Griff on ‘Heart Of Gold.’ The rhythmics are so cute that we are drowning our thoughts into these magnificent electro-pop lines. The same goes for the intimate ‘Walk’ into her journey to stardom. We just can’t get enough of this extremely talented woman.

Get the mixtape now from your favorite platform now! Click here for more! What is the track you cherish the most? Let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Ricardo Castano

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