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KSI Brings Us Into Summer With New Single ‘Holiday’

KSI Brings Us Into Summer With New Single ‘Holiday’


KSI has recently released his latest single ‘Holiday’ and it will definitely be on our summer playlist!

KSI is pretty much doing everything all at once, and he isn’t afraid of a challenge. After starting his Youtube career in 2009, he’s given a go at pretty much everything and succeeded too! From boxing to rapping, we’re beginning to believe there’s nothing that this man can’t do! For the past year, JJ has been busy working behind the scenes on new music that has given him a huge amount of success. He has gained over six million monthly listeners on Spotify, as well as earning the number two spot on the official album charts in the UK for his album Dissimulation.

On June 18th, JJ released his new single ‘Holiday.’ This feel-good song is perfect for summer and is super catchy. Unlike many of his other songs, this track is a lot more vulnerable and talks a lot about love. With the lyrics, “You’re my holiday,” JJ is referring to his lover, saying that every day is bliss being with them. JJ is mainly known for rapping but in this song, his vocals shine through and also show what a great singer he is. As well as releasing the song, he also dropped the music video which is an uplifting video that shows couples in love which fits the theme of the song perfectly!

Watch KSI’s music video for ‘Holiday’ here!

Earlier this month, KSI announced that he is releasing an album on July 16th. The album is called All Over The Place and the artwork shows a cartoon KSI sat at his desk, making Youtube videos. The upcoming album has 14 tracks including collaborations with artists such as Yungblud, Anne Marie, and Bugzy Malone. JJ has also stated this album is full of different genres which makes us even more excited to hear it!

You can preorder JJ’s new album All Over The Place and KSI merchandise here.

KSI has also rescheduled his UK for later this year as well as announcing his biggest show yet at Wembley Arena next February. He has a lot of VIP packages available too! Depending on the bundle you buy, you can gain access to soundcheck, exclusive merchandise and you’ll even have the chance to meet him! All tickets are on sale now and you can grab yours here!

Image Source: KSI on Twitter

After hearing songs like ‘Holiday,’ ‘Patience,’ and ‘Really love,’ we can’t wait to get the full album next month! The only way is up for JJ right now!

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What song is your favourite summer singalong? Will you be adding ‘Holiday’ to yours? Let us know over on our Twitter – @TheHoneyPOP!


Featured Image: Joseph Sinclair

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