Polo & Pan Show Us All The Pretty Things

Polo & Pan Show Us All The Pretty Things

English is a predominant language in the music industry, but it’s important to realize that artistry is made in different cultures. We are curious about different parts of the world. We can easily find ourselves lost in the melodies. French duet Polo & Pan is a project we have on our radar. We can’t wait to get their new album Cyclorama next Friday. While being patiently waiting for it, we can enjoy the new single ‘Les Jolies Choses.’

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Traditional Rework

There is no barrier for Polo & Pan. They compose their songs in French, but people around the world let them come inside their bubbles. The duo’s creative chemistry is undeniable. You should all listen to ‘Ani Kuni.’ You may not know but this song is inspired by Native Americans’ traditional chants. Kids in the French part of America used to sing it in summer camps too. Polo & Pan’s new version is delightful. The duet discovered this track in their childhood and made some electro twist rendition since they bound with nostalgia on Cyclorama.

All These Lovely Things

Follow the romantic path and live your dreams! If you like the latest track from Surf Mesa ‘Lose My Mind,’ you’ll find all the beauty in the delicate intro. Like a calm wave, you hear in a shell, close your eyes and drown your mind into a surreal sea of sounds. From breakfast in beds to the beach ventures in the sands, we feel the smooth summer vibes as ‘Les Jolies Choses’ leads us closer to paradise!

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Cycle For Success

‘Les Jolies Choses’ is a song to make you feel better. Let’s remember all the good things of the past. As iZNiiK would say, Polo & Pan are ‘Here To Dance.’ Alongside the soft beats of the new single, there are some energetic rhythms in ‘Tunnel,’ the collaboration between the Parisian creators and American MC Channel Tres. The countdown is here till we can hear the record in full.

Preorder or pre-save Cyclorama here and pedal to an unfinished road of astral notes. Listen to the latest single ‘Les Jolies Choses’ below.

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