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Real Friends Releases, Pure Noise Signing, and New Vocalist Cody Muraro

Real Friends Releases, Pure Noise Signing, and New Vocalist Cody Muraro

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Real Friends welcomes new vocalist Cody Muraro, Pure Noise Records welcomes them, and we welcome two new singles from the Illinois-based-sad-boy-band.

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Sleepy eyes + bony knees have become a staple to the pop-punk community in the past years, and Real Friends was to blame. One of the many reoccurring themes within their music, the band created a strong, deep, and soulful connection with their fans. Putting out a discography of evolving emotional music, the band’s full-length debut, Maybe This Place Is The Same, and We’re Just Changing, was a monumental moment for the band. Landing in Rock Sounds’ Top 50 Albums Of The Year, it’s found accreditation from many. In 2018 Composure also found home in the hearts of many, collecting over 100 million streams and counting.

Now in 2021, more than a decade after the band’s first emergence onto the scene, the world has changed drastically, but the band’s mission hasn’t at all. Full of feelings, the songwriting from this band has often been unmatched, and still, nothing has shifted. Covering the ups, the downs, and the in-betweens, this band is open, honest, and runs fast toward all emotion while turning out some of the most passion-filled pop-punk this town has ever heard.

In 2020, Real Friends Dave Knox (lead guitar), Kyle Fasel (bass), Eric Haines (rhythm guitar), and Brian Blake (drums) gave a warm welcome to vocalist Cody Muraro as they began to craft newly perfected pop-punk for Pure Noise. Today, we give them an even warmer welcome back with two brand-new singles. Stream them here!

Real Friends – ‘Storyteller’

Slow, smooth, and a real showcase of artistry, ‘Storyteller’ lives up to our high expectations of this band. And while having a new vocalist is a drastic change, we’re digging the sonic sophistication that is delivered. A killer chorus we can’t wait to scream-sing along to this fall, as the band just announced their part in Pure Noises Records 2021 Tour alongside Bearings, Just Friends, Four Years Strong, and headliners State Champs.

Real Friends – ‘Nervous Wreck’

As for the single ‘Nervous Wreck,’ the inspiration comes from isolation. Bassist Kyle Fasel shares:

“Before COVID hit, I was making strides to get out of my introverted ways. All of those strides were quickly erased when the world flipped upside down. I’ve often been so introverted that some people take it the wrong way like I’m mean or something. When in reality, I’ve just developed some social anxiety as I get older. The lyrics of the song point to me being out of my own skin when around other people and even feeling out of place when I’m by myself. There’s not really a resolution to the song. It’s very much about being in the midst of all those complicated feelings. Having a new singer in the mix can be a hard challenge to overcome, but Nervous Wreck still fully embodies the spirit of Real Friends. It fits Cody’s voice perfectly. I remember recording it and thinking this is exactly what Real Friends is. This track is very special to me.”

Well, Kyle, we’re with you on that! It’s fitting and fantastic. What are you really thinking about Real Friends’ revival? Let us know! Comment down below or hit us @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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