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Get Ready To Cry Your Eyes Out To WayV’s ‘Back To You’

Get Ready To Cry Your Eyes Out To WayV’s ‘Back To You’

After their comeback earlier this year, WayV is not only giving us new music again, but they’re also blessing us with their first-ever unit. Kun and Xiaojun just released ‘Back To You’ and its b-side, ‘Sleepless,’ and warning: you will cry to this, so might as well get your tissues ready.

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Image Source: SM Entertainment

‘Back To You’ is nothing less than a powerful piano ballad that showcases their incredible vocal abilities so beautifully. The way they convey the emotions of the song is absolutely breathtaking and heartbreaking. If you were looking for a song to cry to, this is it. The lyrics are all the more beautiful as it tells the story of a great relationship but eventually died down. The lyrics are all about regret and wanting to start again, but they finally come to accept this ending as the song goes on. Yet, even though they accept it, they still don’t totally let go of their love.

The music video compliments the beautiful but straightforward song perfectly. With beautiful shots of Kun and Xiaojun in nature – in a forest and then at the beach, they managed to beautifully capture the aura of the song. You really don’t need more than that to represent a song that already says it all by itself. The emotions, the vocals, the visuals, everything is perfect.

But don’t think they released just one song.

Kun and Xiaojun complimented their release with ‘Sleepless,’ another emotional and heartbreaking ballad. Whereas ‘Back To You’ tells a story and there’s some kind of evolution when it comes to their emotions, ‘Sleepless’ is just heartbreak. Their voices once again sound incredible and work so beautifully together. One thing we will never forget about this unit is how much their vocals truly shined and got the spotlight they deserved.

And of course, WayV released the English version of ‘Back To You.’ There’s no way to choose which one sounds the best because both the Chinese and the English song will make your heart ache in different ways. It can be hard to translate a song, but WayV seem to nail it every time, making both versions worth listening to. 

The English version is also the version that they’re promoting in music shows, and we couldn’t be more in love with their live performances. And it’s allowing us to see a brand new side to them and enjoy their angelic voices even more. This unit has truly blessed us.

What are your thoughts on ‘Back To You?’ What other WayV unit would you like to see next? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured image source: SM Entertainment

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