Jacob Sartorius Is Coming Back ‘For Real’!

Jacob Sartorius Is Coming Back ‘For Real’!

Our Musical.ly superhero Jacob Sartorius has just announced a new single, ‘For Real,’ set to release on 30th June this year! Jacob never fails to impress us with his music, so like the wiseacres we are, we will pre-save ‘For Real’ right now! And we think you should too!

After his early 2021 release ‘youtube & bbq chips’ that we turn to for chilling out after a long day at work, here at THP, we can’t wait to hear what Jacob brings to the table next! Word on the streets is ‘For Real’ is only one of the many surprises Jacob has planned to bless us with this year. The last time Jacob teased new music with cryptic locations and captions, we got a whole EP! So we’ll give ourselves the benefit of the doubt, again!

We’re Rooting For Jacob!

Jacob first gained viral success on the Vine-like social media app Musical.ly. He now swells at 24 million TikTok followers, 9.4 million on Instagram, and 3 million YouTube subscribers. It hasn’t been long since we’ve discovered this (not so) little ball of sunshine, and he is full of surprises!

This 18-year-old has been on the cover of Billboard magazine and released mind-blowing EPs and albums. He has wowed his fans and audiences with a sold-out world tour and ruled TikTok like a king! Two of his most resounding records, ‘Sweatshirt’ and ‘Hit or Miss,’ are RIAA Gold Certified and own the beats of our hearts!

Whether you’ve heard about him from your local musical bee or just discovering him now, Jacob Sartorius is one to look out for!

We’re rooting for this incredible on-the-rise artist, what about you? Have you listened to Jacob Sartorius yet? What are your thoughts on his music? Tell us everything in the comments below or head over to our Twitter @TheHoneyPOP!

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Featured Image Source: Jacob Sartorius via Facebook

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