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Why DE’WAYNE’s Album Stains Deserves The Hype

Why DE’WAYNE’s Album Stains Deserves The Hype

DE'Wayne Stains

DE’WAYNE drops debut album STAINS, and the hype is well deserved.

Hopeless Records hitter DE’WAYNE released his album STAINS, and its time in the spotlight has just begun. If you’re wondering if it’s worth the hype, it is. Not just because we say so, but because from start to finish, it is a concise but wholly constructed piece of art, DE’WAYNE aims high for his debut. Landing in a place that surpassed every expectation.

Shattering genre norms and using the drive, dimension, emotion, and energy, DE’WAYNE uses STAINS to tell his story. A young Black man from Texas, releasing the album on Juneteenth was a monumental experience for the artist. He shares:

“To be putting this record out on Juneteenth weekend is so damn beautiful to me. To be from Texas and this holiday representing freedom for people that were unaware of it just shows how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go. I’m planning on taking a big step forward with this release and I feel mad liberated and that’s sexy to me. STAINS BABY!!!”

Sexy is right. Following his dream and moving to L.A. at age 19, he’s found himself and is fully DE’WAYNE. We’re thankful because we love all of him. Gathering a hefty pile of accreditation, Stains deserves each and every one. The album is stacked with songs of genre-blending hip-hop-high-energy-alternative. So naturally, we’re here to give you a few of our favorite tracks. 


An outpour of personality and talent that is all his own, this track is a stand-out. Hopeless Records may have known something about DE’WAYNE that we didn’t, but we sure as hell know now. Bound to be a household name, this track puts him in the exact place he wants to be—everyone’s radar.

DE’WAYNE Ft. Awsten Knight – ‘Perfume’

Of course, we had to feature this song. While the album is tightly wound with wondrous tracks from start to end (Like his other tracks ‘National Anthem and ‘Jungle’), it just feels right to spend some time spraying our love scent all over this one. A dynamic duo and a friendship, we want to be a part of DE’WAYNE and Awsten Knight team up, and not for the first time, to create quality content. Wholesome funky punk vibes. We’ve got it on repeat. Oh, the angst.


Our final shout-out has to go to the album’s title track. Not only because it’s fitting, but because this song is freaking fierce. Heavy on the hip-hop vibes, it’s ambitious, fast-paced, and shows the fueled fire that is the beginning of a great career.

And while we want to go on and on about the album in its entirety, we want you to listen for yourself more. What’s in store? It’s DE’WAYNE’s dream come true. Putting in his all to this piece of art shows that he means business. Celebrating, he says:

“I created this record like it was going to be my last. Every day I went to the studio to work on STAINS it was a lot of fun, but I was locked in, you know? I knew this was my chance to step out on my own and truly put my best art forward. I wanna be here for a long time and I hope people truly get that from my debut.”

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We get it. We get it! So now we’ve gotta know, what were your favorites from Stains? Are you a DE’WAYNE stan yet? You should be. Talk to us! Comment down below or catch us on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!

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