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On The Radar: The Bees Knees Keep Buzzing For You!

On The Radar: The Bees Knees Keep Buzzing For You!

Welcome back to your weekly dose of new music! Scroll down and discover what’s on our radar this week. We’re buzzing about these upcoming artists and bands. We hope you are too! Melancholic and nostalgic melodies? Summer pop? Indie bops? Jazzy grooves? We got your perfect eclectic mix!

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Andrew Cushin – ‘Memories’

Vulnerability. That’s how we can describe ‘Memories,’ the new Andrew Cushin single. Lovers of melodic Britpop, this is for you. If you grew up with the likes of The Verve and Oasis, the nostalgia will hit so hard. The singer-songwriter had a great mentor in Noel Gallagher for his previous single ‘Where’s My Family Gone.’ He offers thrilling melodies that make us sobs so hard. His deep lyricism gets at us, praising the importance of mental health, especially on the masculine side. Men struggle to open up and let out their sentiments. “I never lost my time, don’t you worry one more wine, we’ll pretend life is great,” Andrew Cushin sings with a teary and powerful voice. The acoustic sensibility leads us to a proper reflection on our lives and we can’t wait to hear a full album from him! He’ll be on our close radar for sure!

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George Moir – ‘Patio’

We love to have some groovy stuff to show you on our radar. If you feel for summer vibes and liked that Tom Grennan and Calvin Harris recent collab ‘By Your Side,’ lend your ear to George Moir. At the beginning of the year, he went viral with his Guide To Growing EP that you can get over here. His joyful sounds are so charming, especially on his tracks ‘Empty’ and ‘Flowers.’ The Plymouth, England, the singer-songwriter is ready for the summer season with his new song ‘Patio.’ Who wants some icy treats? George Moir can give you some in his funny video. Enjoy life as it goes and takes the positivity bits out of it.

Last year’s holidays were ruined, we get it, but George Moir is here to make you smile with his lyrics that shine like the rays of the sun. Stream his lovely song ‘Patio’ here.

Tove Styrke – ‘Mood Swings’

Do you remember Clean Bandit’s ‘Last Goodbye’ song with Stefflon Don? Then, you may have heard this radar artist we have for you this week. Tove Styrke shows with her bewitching vocals how life can balance from one or the other side in seconds. “I got 2 sides / One I call Jekyll one I call Hyde / One minute I love you and you’re/ All mine / All mine then I /Change my /Change my mind,” she croons on ‘Mood Swings’ with her flawless voice.

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The sky is the limit for this new singer-songwriter. It’s okay to shift between our devilish and our sweet loving personalities. She has this angel voice that floats in the universe, letting us inside our cute bubbles. Tove Styrke loves to play with bright notes and fill them with emotions just like Miley Cyrus or bopping in the R&B squad like Ariana Grande. Watch her acting skills on the official video where she portrays eight characters. So interesting! Which ‘Mood Swings’ do you represent? Stream here!

Lakes – ‘Matches’

This week, we need this feel-good indie spark and Watford-based band Lakes are the ones you need in your playlists. Currently, on our radar, the band’s delicate guitar swirls rest in harmony with the beautiful and soothing vocals by Blue Jenkins. ‘Matches’ blazed rhythms are mesmerizing. The melody sways into dreamy gazes, taking us to a surreal world as the little nostalgic cartoons we see in their official video. It creates a calm space where everyone is welcome to share their ideas. Sadly, the political world is cold and dirty, but if everyone listens to each other and initiates animated conversations, hope and solutions are on the way.

Produced by Neil Strauch, the summer vibes of their upcoming album Start Again are coming on July 30th. Pre-order it and some extra goodies here. In the meantime, enjoy the folk-indie-pop sounds and the warming beats. Stream the track here!

Shad – ‘Storm’

Do you prefer to be quiet or fighting the ‘Storm’? Canadian MC Shad teamed up with poet George Elliot Clarke and soul songstress Phoenix Pagliacci on his new single. Do you feel the groove? We are, especially with the jazzy notes and the epic five-minutes long soul ascension. The Juno Award winner gives humanity a voice. He lurks between upbeat and delicate synths and harsh rap bars, telling a whole story to us. Shad gives us all the energy he could, in harmony with beautiful choirs and spoken word lines.

Will he be on the Polaris Prize shortlist again with this radar track and the new record Tao out on October 1st? We bet a fiver on it! ‘Storm’ is solid, strong, and cleverly reflects on today’s society. If you like what you’ll hear below, hurry up and preorder Shad’s new record, Tao, here.

Ambar Lucid – Get Lost In The Music

Do you sometimes feel that you Get Lost In The Music? Don’t worry, it always happens. Our escape gets better when we have this new EP from Ambar Lucid, it’s undeniable. Her voice is simply divine. Psychedelic you say? The Latin musician hypnotizes us with her deep lyrics and her phantasmagorical instrumentation. She’s very inspired by mysterious auras and spiritual retro vibes on her new record. The young version of Amy Winehouse got all it takes to be the next superstar. Fans of Elite on Netflix might recognize her as she made her debut performing some tracks in the drama series.

Do you fancy some cinematic bops for your playlist? Get Lost In The Music and explore the diversity of influences from our radar artist Ambar Lucid. Listen to the ravishing track ‘Un Animal (Divina Existencia)’ and stream the EP here.

NAO – ‘Messy Love’

Love is complicated, and we all know it. In all the mess, the feelings grow and NAO put them together to make a beautiful song. “Gotta heal /Gotta see me do my thing /Gotta stay here next to me /Gotta protect my energy,” she sings, in a very soulful manner. When a relationship struggles, it’s always good to take a step back and recenter ourselves. It’s impossible not to think of 90s queens TLC, Brandy or even Beyonce’s Destiny’s Child while giving a proper listen to ‘Messy Love.’ It’s sweet, seductive, and we can’t stop listening.

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NAO’s voice tickles like a feather on our skin with her sultry tones. Get your hands on ‘Messy Love’ from wherever you are here.

AHI – ‘Until You’

Our final artist on the radar is Canadian singer-songwriter AHI. He’s our new soul man heartthrob, especially since the release of the new single ‘Until You.’ Destiny is unpredictable. We all feel alone until we find the one who keeps us warm at night. The song is such a beautiful comfort with the soft acoustic strings taking their own space in the air. “Time stood still when you first walked in/ Fate made plans I could never predict/ I was empty, lost without a clue” AHI chants on the very emotive chorus of ‘Until You.’ The folk notes shine and bring warmth to our hearts.

Strong from his various travelling experiences, the Toronto-based singer-songwriter unveiled a loving and tender piece that you’ll be hooked on. Stream ‘Until You’ on your favourite music platform here.

Do you crave any particular sounds we shared with you today? Let us know what you think on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

Did this radar roundup picked up your curiosity? If so, check out some more new artists here!

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