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3 Billie Eilish Songs That Deserved to be Singles

3 Billie Eilish Songs That Deserved to be Singles

3 Best Billie Eilish songs that deserved to be singles

Billie Eilish is everywhere. Her genre-bending singles ooze with an honesty and vulnerability that’s hard to come by. Eilish’s song-making and writing capabilities don’t just stop at her singles; but if you aren’t an Avocado, you wouldn’t be aware of this fact of life. So, as a way to ensure you’ll be happier than ever (get it?), we’ll be running down the three best Billie Eilish songs that deserved to be singles. Be sure to keep reading; your next favorite song may be closer than you think. 


‘Hostage’ is a beautifully written song about one’s love that literally flirts with the idea of obsession. And it’s an underrated Billie Eilish track. It’s this straddling of love and idle possession that makes this song so great; Eilish paints the song as vivid as one would create poetry. The singer haunts the listener through captivating poetics and a tonal haze, a haze that blurs the lines between love and the toxicity of obsession. In other words, Billie Eilish was really in her bag with this song.

‘Listen Before I Go’

Billie Eilish has won us all over through her honest songwriting, and this song is a clear example of that. ‘Listen Before I Go’ undoubtedly deserved to be a single and is an underrated jam in all its sombre glory. This single hails from her second LP, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? and the song is an undeniable hit. ‘Listen Before I Go’ was performed at the Steve Jobs Theater back in 2019, and Billie Eilish’s sheer emotion, sorrow, and isolation are felt on an immeasurable level. It’s easily one of Billie Eilish’s best songs.

‘I Love You’

You could try your best to resist the melancholic essence of ‘I Love You,’ but we’re confident that won’t work. Instead, this single finds Billie Eilish in her trademarked musical pocket: deep in the throes of love as she tries her damnest to becoming love’s latest victim. The song-writing is magical, and the ghostly-sang chorus is the stuff of fairy tales. Do yourself a favour and add this track to your playlist.

So which deep-cuts are your faves? Did you happen to see any of your favorites on our list? Sound off in the comment section below or let us know on Twitter @thehoneypop

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