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6 Movies And TV Shows We Can’t Wait To Watch

6 Movies And TV Shows We Can’t Wait To Watch

Do you want to know a secret? The second semester of 2021 has quite a line-up of movies and TV shows coming up. Therefore, we’re here once again to give you a list of stuff you should definitely check out when they get here.

Snake Eyes: G.I. Joe Origins

Fans of the G.I. Joe franchise, rise up! The iconic Snake Eyes (Henry Golding) is getting a movie that comes out a month from now, on July 23. Our protagonist is a loner who somehow ended up involved with a Japanese clan named Arashikage after saving one of their members. And it is with these warriors that Snake Eyes finds a home … until his past catches up to him.


On August 20, Prime Video will grace us with Annette. The title character is the child of a comedian, Henry, played by Adam Driver and an opera singer, Ann, played by Marion Cotillard. Annette was born under the spotlight her parents live under, but she is destined to change everything about their lives.

The Boss Baby: Family Business

It’s been years since the first movie. Tim and Ted are now adults and Tim is now a married man with two kids. They have grown apart over the years. But now, the brothers are forced to work together once again and work out their differences to do so. Yes, we know you’re probably thinking “how are they making a Boss Baby sequel if the baby in question is no longer a baby?”

Watch the trailer, it’ll explain everything better than we ever could.

Turner & Hooch

Disney+ has been giving us great content ever since it started, and the show Turner & Hooch will undoubtedly be no exception. The show drops on July 21 and revolves around Scott Turner, a police officer obsessed with work and tries to do everything perfectly, and Hooch, an undisciplined dog his parents give him as a gift. The unlikely pair are sure to bring us some good laughs and maybe teach us a thing or two about expectations vs reality along the way.

Black Widow

The long-awaited Black Widow solo movie will finally hit theatres on July 9. Taking place after Captain America: Civil War, the prequel will fill in some gaps about Natasha Romanoff’s past and show us more of what made her the badass spy she is in the MCU.


We’re closing this list with a thrilling take on the urban legend of the Candyman, a supernatural killer with a hook for a hand. A decade ago, the entire neighbourhood of Cabrini-Green in Chicago knew of this killer and was terrified of him. But now, years later, there hasn’t been any new attacks. It’s here that we first meet the protagonists, Anthony and Brianna, as they move into a loft in Cabrini. Everything seems fine until Anthony learns about Candyman and starts messing with stuff he shouldn’t.

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Will you be getting your popcorn to watch any of these movies later this year? Tell us in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We’d love to hear from you!

And, as always, if you want more movies and TV, here you go!


Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Disney+

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