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These Songs Are All About The ‘What If’

These Songs Are All About The ‘What If’

The ‘What If’s in life can truly haunt you. They can consume your mind and heart and make you overthink pretty much everything. However, with these five tracks, they make the ‘What If’ sound beautiful. You have songs that are nostalgic, and heartbreaking, and hopeful.

There’s no doubt we are all about to get in our feelings. So let’s get into it!

Ashley Kutcher – ‘Favorite What If’
Image Source: Interscope Records

Stream ‘Favorite What If’ here!

Ashley Kutcher straight up has a heaven-sent voice. ‘Favorite What If’ lays out why it’s so important to make your wants to be known. If you don’t you’ll be in our position of bawling our eyes out to this track. It’s obvious by the fact that Ashley Kutcher calls this person her ‘Favorite What If,’ that there’s some fondness still there. All the feelings aren’t negative and resentful. That’s the energy we like to see, take something that isn’t inherently positive and make it into a beautiful work of art with a little up-swing.

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Taylor Swift – ‘the 1’
Image Source: Beth Garrabrant

Stream ‘the 1’ here!

We’ve had ‘the 1’ on repeat since its release last year. The track, in typical Taylor Swift fashion, has so many lyrics that just hit. Come on, “you know the greatest films of all-time were never made” is unreal. The entire song explores the concept of ‘What If’ a person would have been the one. Taylor Swift makes our hearts whole with the line “I’m doing good I’m on some new sh*t” just to break it again with “in my defense, I have none, for digging up the grave another time.”

Lauren Alania & Kane Brown – ‘What If’s’
Image Source: Ethan Miller for Getty Images

Stream ‘What If’s’ here!

You know we had to throw a bit of country into this list. Country music singers are known for their unmatched ability to tell a story with their music, and long-time friends Lauren Alania and Kane Brown did just that. You feel like you are listening to two people put their hearts out promising to “love all these what if’s away.” This track dives into the less heartbreaking side of the ‘What If,’ which we love to see! Gives us a break from crying!

Charlie Pittman & Taylor Bickett – ‘Pam and Jim’
Image Source: Evelyn White

Stream ‘Pam and Jim’ here!

‘Pam and Jim’ takes the concept of ‘What If’ in a different direction. The track poses the question that this could all work out if the two want the same things, and the chorus ends with the statement of “it doesn’t have to be you.” We will always say yes to watching reruns of The Office, so these would be simple stipulations for us. We’re probably responsible for about half of the streams this track has.

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Gatlin – ‘What If I Love You’
Image Source: Hannah Gray Hall

Stream ‘What If I Love You’ here!

We are utterly obsessed with Gatlin’s voice. ‘What If I Love You’ seems to be about an unrelated love, that you’re constantly pining for. It’s the kind of track about daydreaming about running into the person around town, and everything you’ve always wanted to happen, does. This is the ‘What If’ we experience the most often, as people that daydream constantly.

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