3Breezy’s Love Scars Unleashed

3Breezy’s Love Scars Unleashed

It took only a few songs for this new artist to quickly create his fanbase. 3Breezy is this artist who can share his experiences through his vocal lines and tones. On his new single ‘Love Hurts,’ the New Jersey rapper croons about heartbreaks and how to cope with them.

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Melancholic Bars

Is 13 going to be 3Breezy’s lucky number? The new single, ‘Love Hurts,’ is the thirteenth to be released in his collection. Since his debut last year, his success grew exponentially. He’s gaining lots of attention with his uplifting grooves. From one song to another, the rapper crafts deep melodies with his melancholic piano intro. It slowly introduces catchy drum loops. Inspired by KSI and Tyler The Creator, we are pretty sure that 3Breezy will gain new fans. Without any puns, listening to his music is like catching the breeze.

Love is the key theme in the New Jersey songwriter’s work, as you can hear on some of his previous singles. Check out the sultry ‘Love No More’ below.

Swag Rhythms

The melancholy rises in 3Breeze’s ‘Love Hurts’. “You left me with these memories I wish I could erase,” he soars with his cracked, but beautiful, emotive vocals. If you dig the last guccihighwaters live album jokes on you: the bedroom ballads, you should lend a serious ear to 3Breeze. His songs have plenty of swag and the latest one, ‘Love Hurts,’ is no exception. The track is two minutes and a half of snuggly rhythms. We can’t get rid of them and dance slowly to the bopping melody.

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Anger Management

“You had me thinking that we would last forever,” he cries on the teary song. When you’re hooked on someone, it’s hard to give up. The singer lets go of all his angst in the lyrics. The newcomer is one to watch in the future, and there’s no doubt about it. Listen to the track below. If you are hypnotized by the ethereal beats, grab ‘Love Hurts’ here.

What do you think about the track? Are you strong enough to cope with a breakup? Do you want to share your experiences with us? Feel free to let us know on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook or Instagram.

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