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Bo Burnham: Inside Is A Viral Hit, We Have The Highlights!

Bo Burnham: Inside Is A Viral Hit, We Have The Highlights!

Bo Burnham has proved to us once again that he is one of the most talented, hardworking people in the industry right now. You might recognize him from one of his four comedy specials, which you can find on Netflix. Or perhaps you watched him star in the Academy-Award-winning film Promising Young Woman. Oh, and did we mention that he wrote and directed Eight Grade in 2018. He won a WGA award for Best Original Screenplay and a DGA Award for Outstanding Directing – First-Time Feature Film! Talk about multi-talented! His latest comedy special, Bo Burnham: Inside, has quickly become a viral hit, and for good reason. Let’s dive in and take a look.

Bo Burnham Inside
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Bo Burnham: Inside (The Songs)

The hour and a half long comedy special is comprised of 20 tracks, which you can stream here. Each track tackles a different facet of life, love, and the internet. The tracks may be more complex than they appear. Bo Burnham: Inside (The Songs) hit #1 on Billboard’s Top Comedy Albums Chart and in the Top 10 of Billboard’s Top 200. Oh, and as if that wasn’t already impressive enough, Bo Burnham: Inside (The Songs) is the first comedy album to land in the top 10 overall of Billboard since 2015. Talk about a successful soundtrack. And rightfully so, each song is addictive and we can’t get enough. Not to mention, quite a few of these tracks have made their way into the rotation of TikTok’s viral tracks since the special’s release. Before we move on, we wanted to shout out some of our favorite tracks:

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‘All Eyes On Me’

This track is a fan-favorite and it’s easy to see why. The low-pitched tone and crisp, clear vocals scratch that itch in your brain just right. In the interlude of the track, Bo talks about how he quit performing live for five years because of having panic attacks on stage. He continues to say that he wanted to spend time working on his mental health and that he was successful in getting to the point where he felt like he was ready to perform live again. And we’re so happy and proud that he did!

‘Welcome to the Internet’

‘Welcome to the Internet’ manages to capture the modern-day web surfing experience to a T. The frantic pace of the song, the flip-flopping between the positive and negative things one might encounter on the internet, creates an unsettling image of the cyberspace we spend so much time in. Also, Bo Burnham’s sunglasses are cool. That’s all. The beat of this song also makes you want to tap your toes to the beat. It’s upbeat and happy, which is in direct contrast to some of the lyrics. We honestly can’t put this track into words, but that’s not a bad thing. It’s one of those things you need to experience for yourself.

‘White Woman’s Instagram’

Remember we talked about how a lot of the tracks from Bo Burnham: Inside are multifaceted? Yeah, this is one of those songs. At first glance, it appears to be poking fun at, well, a white woman’s Instagram! But if you listen closely, you hear the story of a 27-year-old woman who lost her parents at 17 and is still trying to navigate the world while dealing with that loss. It’s an extremely poignant take on the “basic” Instagram accounts you might come across. Disclaimer: Instagram is yours to enjoy however you’d like! Oh, and we love how accurately Bo recreated these photos in the special. The lighting, colors and aesthetic shots are all spot on and we love that.

Bo Burnham: Inside – What Went Down Behind The Special?

At the beginning of the special, Bo speaks to the camera, informing the viewers that this special is going to be a little different than his previous ones. For one thing, there’s no live audience! The entire special was filmed in one room, with no crew or assistance, just Bo, his camera, and his music. It was also filmed over the course of the last tumultuous year and is an entertaining yet profound look at society and how we dealt with the last year. The special includes different scenes and skits, like Bo pretending to be a streamer playing a game of his life, in the room the special was filmed in, as well as parodying product brand consultants and discussing the morality of brands and how they should use their platforms.

Despite the fact that this special was filmed in one place, Bo manages to make it look like a different space in every part of the special. This special solidifies his talent, how many other people can create art like this, on their own in a limited space. And then have that piece of art go viral? Hats off to Bo Burnham, you truly are one of our faves.

Bo Burnham Inside
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Every single minute of this special is hilarious but it also makes you stop and think about what he’s talking or singing about. Bo Burnham: Inside tackles everything from unpaid internships to mental health, oh and what it’s like face timing your mom. Yes, really. It’s fun, thought-provoking, and some of Bo Burnham’s best work yet.

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We highly, highly recommend you check this special out. If you do, come chat with us about it in the comments or drop us a line on Twitter, over @thehoneypop!

We’re always buzzing about the latest Netflix specials just like this one, be sure to check it all out!


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