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Co-Living Culture Dance For The Cause

Co-Living Culture Dance For The Cause

Culture and music are a huge part of our lives. No matter where we live, we all need a good cheer-up sound while doing our everyday tasks. In a world that crashed down, culture is more important than ever. Sadly, cities are struggling to keep their concert venues alive. Dublin’s James Vincent McMorrow, Cody Lee and David Anthony Curley have released a new single, ‘Renegador,’ under the moniker of Co-Living Culture. while highlighting the loss of vital grassroots music venues. They’ve brought us a banging tune, to beg the question … where is left that this song could even be played?

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Culture Is The Key

The Co-Living Culture idea came in from a fun session in the studio. The music industry transformed through the last few years, for better or worst. Co-Living Culture is celebrating the need for musicianship. But as we see the music making the city beat to the various rhythms throughout the new music video, we also see the buildings and venues enter into a crisis mode. Unfortunately, lots of venues disappear, are demolished or are repurposed. It happens in every part of the world and iconic places vanish every minute.

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Spread The Love!

The project sends some love to the cultural vibes of Dublin. The band and artists need places to play to their fans, and we agree with this! There is a ton of work to do for the foreseeable future, but ‘Renegador’ is a message of hope. Music will vibrate from the Irish walls again! Concerts are essential for both musicians and us, the fans!

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Let’s Vibe Together!

Kicking with funky synth notes, ‘Renegador’ is perfect to keep us in sync together. The silky production from Co-Living Culture explodes in tiny meteorites of sound. The track is a hymn to all those club nights from the 90s and the ones we look to, in the better days on the horizon. “I don’t wanna tell you who it is / And I never get to know ya”, is a deep message to all. Music and arts need their spaces. We need fans to gather together again, in love and joy for music. Culture is part of our identity.

Stream the sublime electronic track here!

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Featured Image Source: Courtesy of Vamp & Fade PR

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