Finn Askew’s ‘Paranoia’ Will Haunt You!

Finn Askew’s ‘Paranoia’ Will Haunt You!

We love artists that don’t define themselves into a specific genre. The eccentricity and creativity attract us. Finn Askew is a young prodigy hailing from Somerset, England, and we are obsessed with his beats. His new track ‘Paranoia’ is the boost of energy you need this weekend!

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A Catchy Hybrid Mix

Finn Askew is only 20 years old and he already makes his mark in the music world. On ‘Paranoia,’ his new single, he mixes energetic vibes that keep us entertained. He pinches his guitars while rapping and giving some feel-good melodies with such class. The young Gen-Z songwriter catches us brightly with his hybrid genres, intertwining the notes and groovy instruments as a full piece in the end. Through his work, Finn Askew knows how to increase our mood with his soulful ballads like ‘Roses’ or these swag tunes like ‘Paranoia.’

Feel The Glam!

Do you know how to start a party properly? The rock-fueled anthem ‘Paranoia’ is the best way to kick it. Finn Askew’s gloomy music aesthetic reminds a lot of Jamie T’s music. We let loose to the thick and charming accent. “We should get lost between these sheets / Instead you hauntin’ on my dreams,” he sings in the star-gazing pre-chorus. He adds some sparkle Bleachers-infused guitars. What about the electro loops, as well? Simply genius! We can’t get enough of Finn Askew’s songwriting approach. It provokes certainly, but it shows a brutal reality in a clever way.

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Twisted Melodies

We love how this new artist on the rise Finn Askew blends so many styles in one. While we see his inner melancholic Yungblud persona on his superb cover of The Neighbourhood’s ‘Sweater Weather,’ he can also play the grunge and the hip hop card. Melodic and twisty, you are going to love ‘Paranoia.’ Stream from your preferred music platform here. Watch the official video too!

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Summer is at our door. If you need more vibes like Finn Askew’s ‘Paranoia,’ click here.


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