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Jaden’s ‘BYE’ Is Here To Welcome New Music

Jaden’s ‘BYE’ Is Here To Welcome New Music

One of our favorite artists Jaden Smith has released newest track ‘BYE’ and we aren’t ready to leave.

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‘BYE’ is the first track to come off of the CTV3 Day Trippers Edition album, which we don’t know much about, but it will have some cool features from artists such as Justin Bieber, Joey Badass, Babe Rainbow, and ¿Téo?. We are super excited about all the new music coming from Jaden and can’t wait to hear more news about the upcoming album.


“I was sad when I made this song, but I’m happy it’s out. Welcome to CTV3, welcome to trippy summer. It was the time of our lives.”


His most recent track ‘BYE’ is our first introduction to CTV3 Day Trippers Edition, and after the first listen it makes us even more stoked to hear the album in full. But before we sidetrack, ‘BYE’ is a perfect track. It is also perfect for any sunset drive. We know it’s said a lot, but when we hear it, it gives us the same feelings as when we are watching a sunset. We can feel the warmth radiating on our skin. And can we talk about the concept/promo photos? Having the trippy background almost like a sunset behind him, was an amazing touch.

You can find where to stream ‘BYE’ here.

Image Source: MSFTS MUSIC/Roc Nation

Now if you happen to be new to Jaden’s music, we wanted to give you a couple more songs to check out besides the amazing track ‘BYE,’ because let’s be honest, his tracklist is filled with amazing songs.


‘GOKU’ is for those who love a track firstly because of the beats, quickly followed by the catchy lyrics. The beats sound amazing turned up because of that certain buildup near the end of the track. You know how we said it has catchy lyrics, yeah good luck with getting it out of your head for the next week or so.


Jaden’s vocals in this track are why this is one of our faves songs from the artist because we are full heartily in love with the vocals. His voice over the amazing beat makes for a great listen. Plus the music video, which he directed himself, is probably one of our favorites. You can just tell how immensely talented and creative he is.


The lyrics of this track are so good and the change in the delivery of the different verses is what makes this song so loved by fans and casual listeners alike. The combination of the backtrack, beats and lyrics blows us away. ‘N’ also sounds amazing with headphones as you get the full effect every little part, that is is part of the track.

‘Watch me’

The opening of ‘Watch Me’ as it slowly builds up to when Jaden first comes in is obviously our fave part and it’s for sure going to be yours too. Also, let’s talk about all the added background vocals and sounds, really make this track stand out. As well as the ‘Watch Me’ part starts getting louder as the song continues.


We always love when artists know when they are good and they let everyone else know it too because come on, flaunt the talent you have. Jaden is doing a lot every day whether it’s through his music or on separate occasions, bringing clean water to Flint or giving food to those who need it. Jaden is the true ‘Icon’ everyone wants to be.

‘Summertime In Paris’

‘Summertime In Paris’ brings together one of the most talented siblings we know, as WILLOW joins him on the track. Their vocals separately are lovely but bring them together, wow and plus they blend so well. You should probably add this track to your bedroom r&b/pop summer playlist.

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If you love lo-fi beats and if you also like artists such as Cuco, Mac Miller, Frank Ocean, Daniel Caesar, SZA, or Dominic Fike, ‘Ninety’ is definitely for you. It has a really soothing beat with Jaden’s trademark rap style. It’s a great entrance track to his full discography.

So, what do you think about Jaden Smith’s ‘BYE?’ What other tracks of his are your faves? Let us know in the comments down below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP, or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more music recommendations? We got you covered!


Featured Image Source: Jaden Smith via Twitter (@jaden), MSFTS MUSIC/Roc Nation

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