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FLETCHER And The Path To ‘Healing’

FLETCHER And The Path To ‘Healing’

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Welcome to a new era of Fletcher – in a journey that began with you ruined new york city for me, at least musically, Fletcher’s ‘Healing’ feels like fresh air.

A journey is a work of art,” Fletcher sings, and the earnest delivery makes us want a taste of this feeling. Especially after 2020, ‘Healing’ is a welcome reclamation of inner strength and moving forward and upward. Fletcher is known for being brutally honest in her music, and ‘Healing’ is no different. This song is an introduction to a new era that is a natural progression from the heartache of you ruined new york city for me and the turmoil of the s(ex) tapes.

Image Source: Joelle Grace Taylor via Universal Music Group

In the spirit of healing, let’s look at how far Fletcher has come!


On her massive hit ‘Undrunk,’ Fletcher exploded with honesty, as raw a fresh knee scrape. “Wish I could get a little undrunk/so I could uncall you/at five in the morning I would unf*ck you,” opens the song with a bang. The song represents the stage of denial that comes after a relationship ends, where you just want to forget about everything. ‘Undrunk’ gave us an anthem to sing along to that never gets old.


We’ve all felt the emotion behind ‘Bitter‘ before, whether it’s about a romantic relationship, friendship, or even family. “It’s kinda stupid but it’s just the way I’m feeling right now,” is how everyone feels at some point in life when you just want to give in to the anger you feel toward a person or situation. ‘Bitter’ is a biting, sour ode to the entire mood of “I don’t give a f*ck…yeah, I do,” as Fletcher laments in the song. It’s a lemon that became lemonade. After all, you have to let the anger out before you can fully move on.


The entire the s(ex) tapes EP is a representation of the gray area that remains when anger fizzles out. It feels uncomfortable and confusing, and a roller coaster of emotions, just like this EP. When you start to miss someone and the times you had together, all the hurt and lingering love blur together.

The most heart-wrenching moment comes on ‘Feel,’ a song that bleeds with emotion. “So I’ll drink this wine/like it’s medicine for the mind,” begins the soaring chorus, and you feel those lyrics deep in your bones with Fletcher’s vulnerable delivery. As Fletcher declared “doing time trying to heal/do anything so I don’t feel,” ‘Feel’ is especially poignant from the vantage point of ‘Healing.’

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“Finally breathing, the smoke ain’t gone but it’s clearing/ I ain’t there yet but I’m healing.” On Fletcher’s ‘Healing,’ she reclaims her inner strength. While it definitely completes a full arc from previous songs like ‘Undrunk,’ it also opens up a brand new era for Fletcher. It feels like getting back in touch with your truest self, the untainted child-soul that lives in us all. And it comes at a time when it feels like the whole world is doing the same thing.

After quarantine forced so many to slow down and reflect, Fletcher’s ‘Healing’ is a cathartic testament to what we all went through and where we are now as we rebuild. Fletcher says, “We’re all healing from something. The world is healing right now. I can feel the collective energy of people waking up to their power and connecting to themselves in a way that humanity never has before.”

I’ve spent my whole life looking for answers on how to be better — emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually, intellectually. I thought, ‘If I can just figure out the secret, all my problems will be solved.’ As if everyone had the fix but me. Between different relationships, doctors, healers, crystals, self-help books, medications, podcasts, you name it, I sought it out. And though those things have guided me on my journey and led me to where I am now, the thing I was missing was right in front of me. My own strength and love and soul have always been there, but I couldn’t see that. This song is the foundation of what’s to come…an era of healing…and feeling myself for the first time ever.

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We can’t wait for the spiritual experience of singing along to this one live!

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Featured Image Source: Joelle Grace Taylor via Universal Music Group

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