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Surfaces Reign As The Official Kings Of Summer With Pacifico !

Surfaces Reign As The Official Kings Of Summer With Pacifico !

Officially staking its claim as Surfaces’ fourth studio album, Pacifico is the perfect mix of tropical, acoustic, and hip-hop. The indie duo composed of Forrest Frank and Colin Padalecki seriously has it in the back when it comes to bringing the sunshine to our playlists. Released on June 25th, Pacifico clocks in at around 50 minutes and we can’t get enough of it! 

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Making Waves!

After releasing three singles, fans were getting pretty antsy for the release of the full album. ‘Wave Of You’ was released in April and gave us our first taste of the new album. Surfaces gave us the perfect track full of all the right vibes. Both ‘Next Thing (Loverboy)’ and ‘So Far Away’ were released over a couple of months. It’s amazing because all three tracks are completely different! This was genius on their part, it’s a great representation of the album as a whole. A little bit of everything!

Just Scratching The Surface

The album opens with ‘Climb,’ an instrumental that sets the scene for the album. We’re transported to a place full of bright vocals, sun rays, and a motorbike? The intro track automatically transports us to PCH where we’re all driving with the windows down. We get our laid-back, acoustic fix with tracks like ‘Hideaway,’ ‘Yours,’ and ‘Feels The Same.’ Seriously, the guys know how to curate the perfect chill track for any and every occasion! 

The Perfect Collabs!

As for collaborations, this album hits a home run. We hear Quinn XCII on ‘On Time,’ a feel-good love song full of catchy verses and a bouncing instrumental. Both Quinn XCII and Surfaces are some of our favorite feel-good artists and we’re obsessed with these vibes! We also want to highlight ‘Come With Me,’ which features salem ilese who has been gaining tons of popularity! This track is one of our favorites off of Pacifico. The beat-driven instrumental is calm but also perfect for a dance party. With the drums in the background to the mellow vocals, this track is perfect for many occasions. Also, don’t even get us started with salem ilese’s vocals! Her voice is dreamy and she hits those high notes like no other! 

It’s Good 2 Be Back!

The duo also enlisted indie-pop artist Public Library Commute on ‘Feels The Same.’ Lucky for us, this isn’t the last we’re going to see of this combination! Public Library Commute will be joining Surfaces on their upcoming Good 2 Be back Tour. Hello? Verzache, khai dreams, Surfaces, and Public Library Commute? This tour is going to be hot and we can’t wait! Get your tickets here

Xavier Omär appears on ‘Come Around,’ a sultry track full of incredible vocals and a slow beat. This track is also one of our favorites as it’s something that stands out in Surfaces’ discography. We love this sound and can’t wait to hear more of it! As for new sounds, the guys give us a slow love ballad with one of their singles from the album. ‘Next Thing (Loverboy)’ is an acoustic track with the perfect mix of snaps and drums. 

The guys don’t stray far from one of their signature sounds though. We get a fair share of tropical tracks that take us straight to the shore. Sprinkled throughout the album, tracks like ‘So Far Away’ feature island sounds mixed with amazing vocals.

A Bit Of Everything!

One of the many things we truly love about the duo is that it’s hard for us to fit them into one genre. One minute, they could be making a track guided by tropical drum beats, and the next, we could get a raw acoustic track that we’re equally as obsessed with. This album shows us their versatility and how far they’ve come on their musical journey so far. And, we seriously cannot wait to see where they’re going to take us next. We’re leaving the rest of the songs up to you to interpret. Listen to the full album for yourself for the full experience, we promise you won’t regret it!

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Both Forrest and Colin know how to navigate their audience to a destination with their music. Upon first listen, we were automatically transported to a new world that had us smelling sunscreen and saltwater. So, plug in the AUX cord and blast this album with the windows down. Put this album on your summer playlist and play it at your next bonfire. We are obsessed with this album and we just know it’s going to be a fan favorite already! 

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So, will you be dancing to this album on the beach? Which track is your favorite? Are we going to be seeing you at one of their shows? Chat with us on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram!


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