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Tyler, The Creator Is Taking Us On A Trip With His New Album

Tyler, The Creator Is Taking Us On A Trip With His New Album

Tyler’s long-awaited sixth album was finally released on June 25th, and we can’t get enough of it! Running for just under an hour, we meet a new character that we meet through 16 tracks on the album. CALL ME IF YOU GET LOST taps into a character’s success story riddled with ups and downs along the way. The album follows Tyler’s 2019 release of Igor, which introduced us to another character portrayed by the artist. Igor received rave reviews and holds some fan favorites as well. The last album transported us to a new world from Tyler’s genius, and CMIYGL doesn’t fall short one bit. In collaboration with DJ Drama, Tyler released an album that gives us a little bit of everything! Full of explosive collaborations and a rollercoaster of theming, this album deserves a full, uninterrupted listen-through.

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“Call Me If You Get Lost, Baby”

The scene is set chronologically, beginning with the opening track, ‘SIR BAUDELAIRE,’ which introduces us to the new character we’ve seen in the promo so far. We then move onto tracks like ‘CORSO’ and ‘LEMONHEAD’ that tap into materialistic wealth as well as Baudelaire’s social life. It’s worth mentioning how fans freaked out when we got a cameo from none other than Frank Ocean near the end of ‘LEMONHEAD,’ we’ve missed him so much! 

We also get tracks like ‘WUSYANAME’ and ‘WILSHIRE’ that confront both love and heartbreak. Tyler gives us his raw emotions with tracks like these which is heartbreaking, to say the least. A track worth talking about is the two-part track that runs for nearly 10 minutes, ‘SWEET/I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE.’ Tyler teased the track on an Instagram post that got fans talking. 

Tyler’s Favorite Track

‘SWEET’ introduces us to Tyler’s love infatuation and his excitement over a new relationship that starts to form. Brent Faiyaz hops on the track on the bridge of the song with Tyler, which makes it even better. The combination of Tyler and Brent is truly something from a dream that mixes perfectly. 

The plan was to stick my toe in and / Check the temperature, but / Next thing I know, I’m / I’m drownin’

The second part, ‘I THOUGHT YOU WANTED TO DANCE’ introduces us to a more ugly side of the situation where Tyler’s love interest starts to grow distant. Tyler gets hit with the realization that he’s been led on this whole time. Experiencing a mix of emotions and feelings, we get a look into heartbreak when his love interest chooses someone else over him. Fana Hues appears on this portion of the track accompanying Tyler on the journey. 

“Why am I here / Standing alone? / ‘Cause I thought, I thought you wanted to dance”

The Lead Single

We also see Tyler’s lead single ‘LUMBERJACK’ appear on the album as the fifth track. Check out an article we wrote about that track here

The album gives us a taste of a little bit of everything from love to heartbreak, to more serious matters on tracks like ‘MASSA.’ The song runs under four minutes and addresses the deeply rooted racism in the world today. The artist explains how he didn’t come from a wealthy background and had to forge his way to the success that he’s experiencing today. We get a story on top of Tyler’s signature deep bass beats that pace the song perfectly. We highly recommend listening to this song on your own and really taking in the lyrics for yourself! 

Insane Features!

Tracks like ‘HOT WIND BLOWS’ and ‘RUNITUP’ feature names like Lil Wayne and Teezo Touchdown that accompany Tyler on the songs. Both songs tap into the materialistic wealth and how proud the narrator feels with how far he’s come in life to be able to attain those luxuries. Tyler expands more on this concept on ‘BLESSED,’ which explains how blessed he feels to be able to be in his position. 

We also get a couple of cameos from Tyler’s own mom on ‘MOMMA TALK,’ which transitions perfectly into one of our favorite tracks, ‘RISE!’ featuring DAISY WORLD. 

‘MANIFESTO’ is a self-confrontational track that discusses Tyler’s controversial past and his feelings about modern media. The track features Domo Genesis who Tyler has collaborated with many times before during their time in Odd Future. Speaking of older collaborations, ‘JUGGERNAUT’ features both Lil Uzi Vert and Pharrell Williams. Together, the trio is explosive.

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Uzi was featured on Tyler’s last album, Igor on ‘IGOR’S THEME,’ so we were pretty stoked to see that they joined forces again on this album. As for Pharrell, he and Tyler have collaborated a few times, but one of our favorites has to be ‘IFHY,’ which appeared on Tyler’s 2013 album, Wolf

Now, It’s Your Turn!

Now, we only covered a few of the songs but we’re going to leave the rest for you to hear. Check out the album for yourself because we’re seriously obsessed with it. From the intense theming to the character development, this album is definitely one that sticks out in Tyler’s discography. 

Talk to us! What’s your favorite track off the album? Which collab stood out to you the most off of this album? Chat with us in the comments below! You can also tweet us @TheHoneyPOP and hit us up on Instagram and Facebook!

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Featured Image Source: Tyler, The Creator’s Official Twitter Page

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