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10 5SOS Songs That Should Have Been Singles

10 5SOS Songs That Should Have Been Singles

5sos during the CALM era

5 Seconds of Summer (or 5SOS for short) have been stealing hearts, writing absolute bangers, and of course “derping” since 2011, but are mostly known for their summer hit in 2014, ‘She Looks So Perfect.’ Defining an era of pop-punk in the mid-2010s, little do most people know that since then, they’ve been making music that has gone above and beyond “American Apparel underwear.” Their music after their debut hit has been so good that even songs that aren’t singles are loved and praised by the 5SOS Fam. So we want to let you in on these hits that never got to be singles but definitely should have been, considering how good they are. Here are our top 10 5SOS songs that should have been singles.

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Daylight’ – Amnesia EP

Starting strong, ‘Daylight’ never got to be on an actual album, let alone a single. Nevertheless, we at The Honey POP think that it deserves the hype. With the late 2000s pop-punk sound even referencing twilight at one point, ‘Daylight’ deserves to have a fun music video of the band “running from the daylight.” Just imagine 2014 era 5SOS trying to run away from a hot vampire who is out for their blood, all the adventures they’d have, and course, think about the content fans would receive from a video like that! Sadly, that image will only live in our minds, but at least we can still stream the song.

Disconnected’ – She Looks So Perfect EP 

A fan favorite about life being a “tangled web,” aka the internet, ‘Disconnected’ talks about the joys you’ll have when you’re “so disconnected” and enjoying your partner’s presence. Our number one choice to dance around in the summer rain, ‘Disconnected,’ isn’t just loved by the fans, but also the band. Just back in April, the band’s bassist Calum Hood posted an acoustic sing-along of the song on to the band’s TikTok page for fans to duet and sing with him. So there is hope for it to be a single … just kidding, but hopefully, at the very least, they put it back on the setlist!

Not In The Same Way’ – CALM

We’re honestly surprised this wasn’t a single, considering the love and praise it got from fans. Standing out from their latest album, CALM‘Not In The Same Way’ talks about loving someone and them loving you, but in very different ways. Knowing you have to let them go but struggling to because of that love no matter how hard you try. Everyone has that person who refuses to get better and has to let them do it independently, no matter how much you try to help them. Whether in a romantic sense or not, this song can be a validating experience for us all, reminding us that struggling to let go is okay. This 5SOS song definitely should have been a single.

Voodoo Doll’ –  5 Seconds of Summer

Going back to their self-titled era, ‘Voodoo Doll’ is a 5SOS classic, but not just because it’s on their first album. They’ve been playing this song since before the album was even announced, when they were still touring with One Direction, album-less. Just imagine what a video for ‘Voodoo Doll’ could be. Here’s our suggestion: 5SOS feel weird, go looking for answers, and end up finding dolls of themselves, with a person watching over them. Maybe they even fight the person who owns the dolls in their superhero personas? Honestly, the possibilities are endless with this one.

Fly Away’ – Sounds Good Feels Good 

From their sophomore album, ‘Fly Away’ is the accumulation of their overall sound during the Sound Good Feels Good era. A song that details different things they love about various parts of the world while declaring they don’t ever want to “waste another day.” It’s happy while still maintaining an edgy sound. A music video of them traveling the world at their peak of success sounds super, you have to admit.

Babylon’ – Youngblood

Where are the Calum stans at? We think we can speak for everyone when we say ‘Babylon’ rights! In reference to the ancient capital that fell in 539 BCE, this song talks about loving someone to the point of burnout. Loving someone the most you’ve ever loved and being too scared to let go despite no longer feeling the flame, leading to the relationship’s downfall. With all these layers, this 5SOS song definitely deserves more praise.

Long Way Home’ – 5 Seconds of Summer

Time to get in the car and have a central character moment as this song blasts the whole way through. Whether you’re boo-ed up or just a hopeless romantic, ‘Long Way Home’ is the perfect song to drive around to and try to romanticize your life. You can often find the lyrics plastered on to aesthetically pleasing imagery of the ideal teen romance. We don’t know about you, but our standards are a little high because of this song, let’s pray we all find love like this someday. 

Safety Pin’ – Sounds Good Feels Good

“Two wrongs” may “make a right,” but the biggest wrong 5SOS ever did was not making this song a single. Let us explain; the SGFG era had many symbols to represent the album as a whole and the message they wanted to send. The biggest of these was the broken heart with a safety pin. This logo came directly from this song, the heart is broken into two pieces, and each half is different colors which comes from the lyric “We’ll safety pin, the pieces of our broken hearts back together.” All in all, ‘Safety Pin’ deserved more attention especially considering its impact on this specific 5SOS era. 

Moving Along’ – Youngblood

Have you ever had to end a relationship or friendship and then found yourself thinking about that person? Well, ‘Moving Along’ is a song precisely about that feeling. It’s the temptations that put you in that situation and not knowing whether that other person has moved on or not. As to why it should have been a single? Simple, it’s a straight-up bop that needed to get more attention so everyone can see how great it truly is. The Youngblood Era was a very experimental time in 5SOS’s career, and ‘Moving Along’ was a stand-out that deserves more buzz.

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San Francisco’ – Sounds Good Feels Good

Another main character moment! Have you ever gone on a trip or to a place where everything just feels like a movie? If so, listen to ‘San Francisco’ and think about that, and you’re guaranteed to get into your feels. Even if you don’t have one in mind, it’s the perfect song to begin dreaming one up. Also, think of the video that could have come from this song. We’re thinking of 5SOS taking a road trip, not even necessarily to San Francisco, but just a journey of smiles and nostalgia. We’re sure if this song were a single, it would be one of our fave music videos ever.

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There are many more 5SOS songs that also deserve the spotlight through being a single. Let us know if you agree with this list and what songs you think deserve the single treatment by commenting below or tweeting us @thehoneypop.

Want to continue the party of us simping over our faves? We gotchu!


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