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Greyson Chance Remains Unmatched

Greyson Chance Remains Unmatched

If you ask Alex Ziabko (Greyson’s manager), he’s on the same page we are. Greyson Chance is that generational artist. He repeatedly puts out tracks that you can tell come from the depths of his soul. While we’ve been on this journey with Greyson Chance since we were all prepubescent’s, Low’ was a turning point. Every track since then has connected with us in a way that is so rare. As we’re nearing the end of June, we’re able to celebrate not just Pride Month but also the release of Greyson’s latest project, Trophies. 

Trophies is a complete triumph. It’s honest; in a way, you just don’t see a lot in pop music. Each song gives you a glimpse into who Greyson Chance is, who he loves, and how the last year of his life has been. To celebrate the release of Trophies, we’re going to countdown our top 8 tracks by Greyson Chance that are a must for any playlist! And yes, you’ll see some Trophies tracks on here. It’s the perfect record.

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Image Source: Broderick Baumann

We can’t talk about Greyson Chance’s songs without mentioning ‘Low.’ For us, this track cemented a forever connection to Greyson. The track came about while Greyson Chance was struggling with identity and coming out publically. The line “I think I’m ready to hear I love you” really struck us. Finally, coming to terms with the fact that you’re worthy of love isn’t an easy feat.

‘Holy Feeling’

Holy Feeling’ was the first single off of Trophies. The track set the tone for the entire record. This song feels larger than life and like it’s meant to have the lyrics screamed. Greyson Chance sounds unreal here, his voice always blows us away, but this is entirely next level. We’ve been thinking a lot about what our ‘Holy Feeling’ is. We’re thinking it’s exactly how we feel right now listening to this track.

‘Good As Gold’

We simply can’t listen to this track without crying. While the studio version of the track is beyond stellar, you have to hear this one live. Greyson Chance has a speech he does before this track that gets us every time. The message, his voice, everything just is superior. There is nothing quite like singing the words to this song with people you love right back at Greyson.


If you’re looking for an absolute party, ‘Boots’ is for you. This track is unlike anything else you’ll find in Greyson’s discography, a complete departure. The song is a bit angsty while showcasing Greyson’s southern roots. We can’t help but dance and have the time of our love anytime we hear this track.

‘Dancing Next To Me’

This is another complete party track. Not necessarily in the same way ‘Boots’ is. The beat is a little less heavy, but it’s still impossible not to want to get up and move while this track is playing. We have yet to hear this track live in a setting that wasn’t on the piano (which was insanely beautiful), so we are beyond pumped for when that day comes.

‘Bad To Myself’

Yet another track we are connected to for life. We’ve all struggled with something in our lives, be it the same things Greyson Chance himself has struggled with or something different. The whole message of this track is to just stop being bad to yourself, to know there’s no demon in you that you can’t fight.

‘Shut Up’

“SO GIVE ME YOUR TWO LIPS, AND BABY I’LL SHUT UP!!” Every time we listen to this track, we are singing that line over and over for at least an hour. Live, this track will change your life. It’s a guarantee. ‘Shut Up’ kicked off the Portraits era, so for that alone. We love her forever.

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‘Bleed You Still’

You will not find a single track where the vocalists sound better than Greyson Chance does in this track. This song truly gives us chills every single time, absolutely unreal. We will be enjoying this track until the end of time. Not a single flaw.

We would love to hear from you! What is your favorite song off of Greyson Chance’s record Trophies? Let us know by commenting down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: Broderick Baumann

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