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LOONA Is Back To ‘Paint The Town’ As Twelve

LOONA Is Back To ‘Paint The Town’ As Twelve

Not only is LOONA back as twelve for ‘PTT (Paint The Town),’ and their new EP, [&], but they’re also extending their already very diverse discography more powerful and confident than ever. 

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These twelve girls and their immense talent is exactly what 2021 was missing.

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‘PTT (Paint The Town)’

This might be LOONA‘s most powerful, energetic, intense and explosive title track to date.

They keep extending the diversity and versatility of their discography with every single comeback, and this one is no exception. ‘PTT (Paint The Town)’ gives off confidence, and though it’s powerful, it is at the same time very uplifting. The lyrics are all about breaking the rules and literally painting the town with new colors. The rap in the second verse is sassy and impactful, while the vocals during the bridge will bring shivers down your spine with how good they are.

As expected from LOONA, the music video is just as impactful. Making several references to their universe, in this one, they seem to conquer and take over more confidently than ever. All the girls have their moments to shine with their incredible visuals. And if you thought the song itself was powerful, wait until you see the choreography. This comeback just proves not only how good this group is, but also how they keep improving and re-inventing themselves.


For as good and powerful as ‘PTT (Paint The Town)’ is, none of the b-sides sound like it – which is the beauty of LOONA‘s discography, no two songs are the same.

‘WOW’ and ‘Be Honest’ are two uplifting and empowering songs that differ a lot from the strong and loud production of the main song of the EP. Both of these songs have some kind of retro feel to them with the overlaying harmonies and the instrumental. They give such a feeling of empowerment and mutual support, and they will lift your mood. 

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The three last songs of the EP are much more relaxed. ‘Dance On My Own’ is LOONA’s second song fully in English after ‘Star‘ from [12:00]. However, ‘Dance On My Own’ is originally in English and doesn’t have a Korean version. It’s an emotional yet fast-paced ballad that mixes an acoustic guitar with a hip-hop beat. The lyrics are all about finding independence from someone that has hurt them and let them down. It’s a great song to cry to, dance to, and come to terms with being alone.

‘Different Night’ is more your “typical” ballad, yet LOONA has never done this type of ballad before. It has such a dreamy feeling to it, and though their vocals shine in all the tracks more than in any previous albums, this is the song to showcase their vocal power. And finally, we have the closing track: ‘U R.’ The Lofi R&B love song closes this album perfectly. By starting with a more impactful and energic track and closing off the album with a more lowkey and vibey song, they show perfectly how versatile LOONA is as vocalists and artists.

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