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Reactors React: Ashlyn by Ashe

Reactors React: Ashlyn by Ashe

Here, at The Honey POP, we love music reactors! There are so many incredible content creators online, reacting to our faves all the time, whether it’s with a new song release, or even, hearing an artist for the very first time. They each bring unique perspectives and approaches, and as fans, it’s so enjoyable to watch them react to and fall in love with the artists we stan. Just like us at The Honey POP, music reactors are all about putting out positivity into the world of music and fandom, which is why we’re so happy to support so many of these creators, and even call some of them our friends!

Reactors are kinda like stan-ception.. we stan them and they stan the people we love. Music reactors have built their own fan communities within fan communities across many platforms including YouTube, social media, and Patreon. We love how they bring fandoms together and are all so supportive of each other, making these communities even richer. The Honey POP team is right there, feet first in those communities. So, we’re so excited to introduce you to our fave reactors while hyping up our fave artists too!

Ashlyn by Ashe
Image Source: Dana Trippe

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And what better way to kick off our celebration of music reactors than with one of our top albums of 2021 so far! We’re playing Ashlyn by Ashe around the clock, here at THP HQ, and getting ready to see Ashe live on the Fault Line Tour! Clearly, we’re not the only ones obsessed with this exquisite album! Follow along as we look at some of the best reactions to the album and celebrate the unique perspectives of these talented and uplifting creators!

If you aren’t already, get streaming Ashlyn by Ashe, right here!

Steven In Stereo

Image Source: PositiveSteven Instagram

Steven In Stereo (aka Steven Walker, Positive Steven, or Nutmeg to some!) is serving up positivity by the soy-milk iced coffee cup-load. An incredible friend (and writer here at The Honey POP!), Steven shares reactions full of honesty, air drums, humility, and endless rewinding to simp over harmonies. With a love for the alt and heavier corner of music, Steven dives into music of all genres and breaks down misconceptions of music. Steven’s love for music shines through in every video he creates with perspective across all aspects of music, from the lyrics to the melodies. We even chatted to Steven about his love for music and how it brought him on this wild reactor journey on The Honey Podcast. You’ll usually find Steven reacting to your fave artists, making green smoothies, or respectfully thirst tweeting Louis Tomlinson and Michael Clifford, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Steven is a strong advocate for mental health, kindness, and equality, and is a warm hug to so many, especially his fellow LGBTQIA+ friends. So whether it’s on YouTube, Patreon, or on Steven’s live reaction Twitch streams, you’re always in for a warm-hearted and authentic time with Steven In Stereo.

Steven reacted to Ashlyn on his YouTube channel, plus an uncut Patreon exclusive listening party, which you can join for just a few $ a month.

Our fave reaction quote: “Bro, when I tell you that I have goosebumps on my knee caps right now!”
What we loved: We loved Steven’s connection to the messages in the music and the involuntary simp noises at every beat drop. With ‘Ryne’s Song,’ Steven reminded us that music can be triggering, and self-care includes skipping music that affects our mental health, and we applaud that massively. Oh, and Steven dancing around with almost carnal enjoyment of the harmonies was very special!
Steven’s fave tracks: The entire album but if we’re getting specific and pushy: ‘Not Mad Anymore,’ ‘Always,’ ‘I’m Fine,’ and ‘Me Without You.



Image Source: Beveraggi Instagram

Beveraggi (aka Michael) has been creating content for many years, and never fails to put a smile on our faces with his positivity, genuine love for music, and absolute simping of some of our fave artists, with his stan heart belonging to Zayn (as it should!). Another dedicated creator that we are delighted to consider our friend here at THP HQ; Michael recently joined us on The Honey Podcast too! Michael is a music and film reactor and is also creating his own music too, which we are beside ourselves over. Beveraggi regularly shares how music has saved him and supported his mental health, and … same! A naturally shy person, music opened the door for Beveraggi to connect with us all, and we are so thankful for the warm and comforting community he has created around his content. Michael reacts to a massively eclectic mix of artists across genres, and it’s his emotional connection to music that sends us.

Michael reacted to Ashlyn on his YouTube, with a full uncut reaction over on his Patreon, which you can join for just a few $ per month!

Our fave reaction quote: “Asheeeee … go ahead, queen! *Throws pen*”
What we loved: We loved how Beveraggi picked up the stylistic nuances sprinkled through the album, that even we hadn’t spotted! We loved Michael’s massive show of respect to Ashe and her music, paired with the actual round of applause and the guttural reactions to every harmony and dirty bass drop.
Beveraggi’s fave track: I’m Fine.


Caitlin Marie Reacts

Image Source: @TheCaitlinMarie Twitter

“Hey Beans!” Caitlin Marie, aka Caitlin Marie Reacts has served up some of our favorite album reactions of all time. We love watching Caitlin find new artists and fall in love with them. And we’re just gonna say this now, Caitlin’s editing puts everyone to shame, it’s hilariously impeccable. Her timing is absolute comedy gold throughout her reactions, which have the ability to make our sides ache from laughing, and then having us crying with her moments later. Anytime Caitlin reacts to an album that we know has a “sad bop,” we know we’re gonna be in for a treat. As Ashe is the Queen of sad bops, we just knew Caitlin was gonna fall in love with this album, and fall she did, claiming Ashlyn as “beautifully depressing in every way.” Caitlin pulls us into her authentic, hilarious, and often very vulnerable reactions. From her empathy and connection to the song messages and lyrics to her sheer excitement of a beat drop and rocky edge, Caitlin has cemented herself as one of our most relatable music reactors and is an absolute favorite of ours here at The Honey POP. Caitlin reacts to music exactly as we do, and that is such a vibe.

Caitlin reacted to Ashlyn on her YouTube, with a full listening party on her Patreon, which you can join for just a few $ a month.

Our fave reaction quote: “I really felt like we were the Teletubbies a second ago, and then like here, we’re like a murderer …”
What we loved: We loved how we didn’t feel like we were watching a YouTube video, but instead felt like we were just candidly jamming out with Caitlin. The way Caitlin listened to Ashlyn, is exactly how we first listened to Ashlyn … the screeching, the tears, and the table slapping were exquisite, relatable vibes. We loved every single thing about Caitlin’s energy throughout. Caitlin understood the assignment.
Caitlin’s fave tracks:
‘Not Mad Anymore’ and ‘Always.’


Blake McLain

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Image Source: @BlakeMcLain_ Twitter

Blake McLain is a genius. Thanks for coming to our Ted Talk. Okay, no, real talk now, Blake is so talented that it hurts our brains sometimes. Blake is a singer, songwriter, and music producer, who reacts to new music with the unique perspective of musical big brain energy. Blake breaks down the musical and production choices in music, in a way that leaves us hanging on his every word. Surrounded by musical instruments and sipping tea from his iconic zebra mug, Blake dives deep into the music with us. We actually understand music more because of our Blake obsession. Can you say “Call and Response?” Blake’s music reactions are authentic and always meaningful, and we love the different reaction style Blake brings to fill our music reactor needs. Blake even analyses lyrics on a whole new level, over on his Patreon, really getting into the nitty-gritty of some of our favorite songs. There’s something so satisfying about Blake commending and praising the work of our favorite artists, from his professional perspective. We feel like proud parents! Blake is such a positive presence online and absolutely feeds us with content that is not just fun, but deeply interesting too.

Blake reacted to Ashlyn by Ashe on his YouTube channel, plus a full album party over on his Patreon, which you can join for just a few $ a month!

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Our fave reaction quote: “Oooh, ok that hits. Wow. That’s nice and dry and upfront. That hits niiiice!”
What we loved: We love how Blake breaks down the production of the album, in ways that we can actually understand. It’s technical but approachable and makes us notice new aspects of the music. Plus his dog interrupted the video, so we’re soft.
Blake’s fave track: ‘Save Myself.’


The Party Review Channel

Image Source: Courtesy of
The Party Review Channel

The Party Review Channel is brought to us by Mike and is one of our newest music reactor obsessions here at THP HQ. We can’t wait to see Mike’s channel grow and we hope you all give him some love! It’s The Party Review Channel because this really is a party! Mike brings the grown-up fun to music reactions, with … well … vodka! That’s right, because what’s better than listening to music that makes you cry, than listening to music that makes you cry, with shots? Mike scores songs on a vodka ranking system! We wonder what else in life we could apply this system to? *deep thoughts* Mike’s reactions are full of laughter, empathy with the lyrics, and vulnerability. Plus, as we learn through Mike’s reactions, he can hold a tune! Mike embraces his emotions in his reactions, and we love that, although we probably should have warned him about ‘Ryne’s Song’ from Ashlyn, in advance! We really get to hear what these songs mean to Mike, and these organic and relatable stories, connect with us so much. The Party Review Channel reactions never fail to make us smile, and it’s the connections to the hard-hitting messages, that make sure we keep coming back for more!

Mike reacted to Ashlyn on his YouTube channel, and let’s just say, this man was many many shots deep by the end!

Our fave reaction quote: “*laughing through tears* I don’t think she said ‘Taylor’ once in that song.”
What we loved: We loved Mike’s genuine excitement for this album. Mike paid so much attention to the lyrics and meanings behind the music, opening up to us with real-life anecdotes and connections to the music, all while dancing, singing, crying, and taking shots. Same bestie. Mood.
Mike’s fave tracks: We chatted to Mike to make him sacrilegiously pin down his fave track! And while there’s a list including ‘Till Forever Falls Apart,’ Kansas’ and ‘Always’ to name a few, Mike’s #1 is ‘Ryne’s Song!’


We absolutely adore Ashlyn by Ashe here at The Honey POP, and seeing other people fall in love with this album, made it even more special! What was your favorite reaction to Ashlyn? Let us know down in the comments!

Are you as obsessed with online music reactors as we are? Want to see us hype your fave reactor? Buzz on over to our socials and let us know! Hit us up on Twitter at @thehoneypop or on our Facebook and Instagram!

Want more music buzz? We gotchu, just follow the honey trail!

Featured Image Source: Photography: Dana Trippe. Graphic: Emily Defoor and The Honey POP Graphics Team

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