The Vaccines Walk Through The City With Love

The Vaccines Walk Through The City With Love

Are you vaccinated yet? We have the dose you need right now! British rock band The Vaccines announced their first album in three years! The London rockers are Back In Love City with more pop sounds than ever. Rocking our lives since 2011’s album What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? and their lush guitars, we are so pleased to hear them again on our stereos.

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How To Create Earworms

The Vaccines bite us with their guitar sounds. What can we expect from the new album? As The Wombats and many bands from their generation, the Londoners’ influences grew and evolved with time. Still having some retro rock’n’roll touch, the band got this kind of hooks that become absolute earworms. “I wanna live inside your headphones, baby / I wanna live inside a world, wherever you are,” sings infectious Justin Young on ‘Headphones Baby.’ Inspired by the concept of Muse’s ‘Plug In Baby,’ The Vaccines went back to their energetic and raw guitar melodies from their debuts. Are you banging your heads like us?

Pop Nostalgia Love

Do you want to escape to another planet? Pack your bags and listen to The Vaccines’ new track ‘Back In Love City.’ It’s time to feel the huge throwback to eighties synth-pop aesthetic, which is different from their early sounds on their latest song. Don’t you think that’s interesting to see the London band experimenting with dreamy melodies rather than their usual punk staccatos? Futuristic or modern? Time doesn’t exist. Listen to ‘Back In Love City’ and explore Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner-like fictional places. We can’t get enough of the contagious loops, thanks to Daniel Lidinsky, who previously worked with all the grooves from Tove Lo and Lizzo. The new Vaccines album is out September 10th, save the date! In the meantime, watch the lyrics video for ‘Back In Love City’ here.

Be quick! Preorder Back In Love City in the format of your choice here. What do you think about the tracks so far? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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