We Were Promised Jetpacks Spin Your Luck!

We Were Promised Jetpacks Spin Your Luck!

It’s the return of the math-rock on the scene and we are so pumped about it! The guitars banging and rocking out our lonely nights. Are you waiting for some great news? The Scottish pioneers We Were Promised Jetpacks arrive with their fifth album in their career, Enjoy The View.

Find Your Place

Did you always want to visit Edinburgh? We Were Promised Jetpacks will make you travel through their music. For more than ten years, they have been rocking out this world. Their new album drops on September 10th. Are we counting the days? Of course! In the meantime, they feed us with some great new music. Earlier in June, the band unleashed their first new material since 2018. ‘If It Happens’ leads with heavy-duty guitars but moves slightly into sonic melodies. We see through the shadow-like The Cure in the eighties. They would definitely gain some new fans along with their new adventures. “All I ever wanted was a future Somewhere to sit and paint a bigger picture Somewhere to rest my head and face the music,” sings Adam Thompson emotively on ‘If It Happens.’ We all dream of a better world, don’t we?

Sway To The Dreamy Vibes!

From Editors to White Lies and Gang Of Youth, We Were Promised Jetpacks know how to make a pure banger! Created remotely during the peak of the lockdown, the upcoming album and the new track ‘Fat Chance’ superposes the guitar strings on such bright staccatos and melodies. The ethereal rhythms sway into melodic poetic rhymes and it’s so compelling. “I thought I had a fat chance Maybe one in millions Did a complete 180 Now I’m going the right way.” We Were Promised Jetpacks sounds blissful in the smooth, vibe-filled chorus. We still have two months to wait for the new record, how can we handle it? In other good news, the band will also be on the road in North America starting in November! Who’s excited? Get the complete concert listing here. Don’t forget to preorder Enjoy The View here on digital platforms or as physical goodies.

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Featured Image Source: Euan Robertson

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