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SEVENTEEN’s Your Choice Lands Them On Billboard Charts

SEVENTEEN’s Your Choice Lands Them On Billboard Charts

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This past week has made us realize that a lot can happen in Caratland as SEVENTEEN have been up to so much, so here’s a recap in case you are unaware of everything that has happened.

SEVENTEEN performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and MTV Fresh Out Live one of their newer releases ‘Ready to love’ from their newest mini-album Your Choice. Let’s talk about that because it was so iconic. With not only the stage production, as SEVENTEEN is known for, but the choreo and vocals from the group were astounding. We honestly get so excited every time SEVENTEEN get to show off their talent to new audiences, it makes us so proud! They have been doing a lot of interviews and performances promoting Your Choice and ‘Ready to love’ we’re feeling kinda left out, so SEVENTEEN please hit us up for an interview.


Since starting their quarantine, a majority of SEVENTEEN members have done VLives, and let us tell you so much happened in those. From Hoshi’s tiger VLive, The8 reading to Carats and wearing his cute frog headband (which we would love to cop), to Jeonghan’s pimple patch incident (we don’t even wanna think about this one), to Vernon’s radio VLive where he played some of his fave music and also recommendations from Carats, making bracelets with Joshua, and Seungkwan’s ‘We Remember K-pop’ series. With so many members, we get so much variety from each VLive, and lucky for us and you, you can rewatch/relisten to every past one.

‘Ready to love’ First Win

‘Ready to love’ got its first music show win (they are now at two), and since the group couldn’t be there to perform the encore, they did a very special performance over Zoom. It’s very reminiscent of how classes were because of covid, from the variance of laggy wifi to super clear wifi, to people either overly participating or not talking at all. They also played multiple entertaining games over Zoom, where it was evident that they were getting cabin fever lol. SVT can really make anything and everything, entertaining and funny. We think there should be a THP and SVT Zoom call meeting because we can only assume the chaos that will occur. 

Image Source: Tenor

Another Million & Reaching BB Charts

SEVENTEEN has reached a million sales for Your Choice, making it their fourth album to reach a million. The album was number one on Billboard’s Top Album Sales, also making it America’s best-selling album for that week. The group has also landed on Billboard 200 at No.15 with Your Choice. This makes it a win after win, after win for the group and we couldn’t be more proud.

Image Source: Tenor

They have been showing off their talents and promoting the comeback in different ways, like Jun’s newest cover, new OST’s, etc. We predict many more promotions and things coming from the group, so we will be keeping our eyes peeled. 

So Carats, what has been your favorite thing that came out of these past two weeks? Have you been keeping up with all the VLives? Tell us in the comments down below, tweet us @TheHoneyPOP or talk to us on Facebook and Instagram!

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