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BTS & Their CD Track-list Are Hotter, Sweeter, Cooler

BTS & Their CD Track-list Are Hotter, Sweeter, Cooler

The reigning champions of global music, every existing chart, and a billion loyal hearts, BTS have officially opened ARMY’S birthday month by unveiling their track-list for their single CD on the first day of it. What can we say? Our boys do have a thing for grand entrances. And we recommend you save up some breath because there is going to be screaming involved—a lot of it.

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BTS’ Single CD Is A Recipe For Happiness Unlimited

When it comes to serving, they deliver nothing less than the absolute best. ‘Butter’ holding the #1 position on the Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks just proves our case in point. And when they’re not busy making unparalleled history in the universe of global music, BTS likes to make us swoon over concept photos and tease their new music, culminating in the release of the single CD.

The CD includes four tracks by BTS, including two instrumental versions. It houses the title track ‘Butter’ that made records fall like a comet shower and a brand new track ‘Permission To Dance.’ The latter song is yet to be released, and no brownie points for guessing that it’s going to be yet another smashing hook that we will be dancing to like our lives depend on it. And mind you, we won’t wait for permission anyway!

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BTS & Their Single CD Already Sound Like Addiction

‘Permission To Dance’ will be a musical pacemaker to the heart, an adrenaline boost to the veins, and the new dance anthem on every speaker. We might witness a poetic BTS vs. BTS fight once again when ‘Butter’ may finally meet its match. Renowned artists like Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Jenna Andrews, and Johnny McDaid have also provided their inputs into the making of the song. At this point, we’ll just leave you to imagine the havoc BTS is going to unleash with this CD because we’re too busy checking if our speakers are in place already.

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BTS will officially launch the single CD on July 9, ARMY’s birthday, for them to grab. And hey, no aggression on the waiting queue, please, we’re all in this together, ARMY! So gear up for our birthday bash. Our idols just sent out invitations. Don’t we feel like the privileged kids BTS love to spoil? Excuse us if we can’t handle this much pampering! Saranghae, boys!

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Who’s up for a race to the pre-order line? Word of warning, we are already warming up! So make a sprint and get it. Let it roll! 

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Did you say you can’t get enough of BTS? Yeah, we read minds like that. Get your insatiable dose of Bangtan content on the hive right here! We’re starting the countdown for the 9th of July right away, and something tells us that the Bangtan Boys won’t be stopping there.

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