Let The Light Come To You With M.O.N.T’s Beomhan & Roda New Track ‘Sun’s Up!’

Let The Light Come To You With M.O.N.T’s Beomhan & Roda New Track ‘Sun’s Up!’

M.O.N.T, a fave of ours at THP, has just dropped their newest track ‘Sun’s Up!’ and we really don’t know how to act.

When Beomhan isn’t updating us on his daily life as a KPop idol on TikTok, when Roda isn’t putting out bangers as he did with Narachan and their track ‘Bottles,’ and before Narachan’s enlistment (Can’t wait to see you again Bitsaeon and Narachan!), they are soaking in all that positivity from the sun.

Image Source: Fly Music Entertainment

First, let’s talk about the beat. ‘Sun’s Up!’ from M.O.N.T is just the embodiment of a positive summer beat. It also helps that it is very, very catchy. Now onto the lyrics, for the first half, Beomhan is rapping primarily in English, then smoothly transitions to Korean. Roda then later jumps onto the track showcasing the talent both of them have. The lyrics, oh my, are so positive and uplifting.

With lyrics like “Sometimes I know it’s tough / But you know diamonds shine brighter in the rough” they help push us through those tough times. They not only talk about how to find your way but also talk about their own struggles because they know everything will be okay in the end. Our favorite line(s) from the track is probably “When you miss me look up to the sky / The clouds that we share hide the sun that’s always there” because not only does it kinda reference the track name, ‘Sun’s Up,’ but it’s also a cute reminder.

Also before we go, can we talk about their dancing? We kept replaying those parts over and over. You can check out the MV for ‘Sun’s Up’ down below!

Thank you Beomhan and Roda for this oh so lovely track. We can’t wait to see what the future holds for M.O.N.T.

So Mints, what did you think about M.O.N.T’s ‘Sun’s Up?’ Has it been on repeat since you first heard it? Let us know in the comments down below, or talk to us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: FM Entertainment

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