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‘Read My Mind’ Proves That You Me At Six Knows Their Fans

‘Read My Mind’ Proves That You Me At Six Knows Their Fans

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If you’re like us, you probably listened to You Me At Six’s phenomenal album SUCKAPUNCH, released earlier this year quite a bit. Tracks like ‘Adrenaline,’ ‘Glasgow,’ and the title track ‘SUCKAPUNCH‘ had us jamming along to this album non-stop. It solidifies You Me At Six’s place as one of the most talented bands out there right now. SUCKAPUNCH proved to be the gift that kept on giving because You Me At Six has brought us SUCKAPUNCH (Deluxe). That means there are brand new tracks to enjoy, including the new single ‘Read My Mind.’

SUCKAPUNCH saw You Me At Six diving into a heavier sound, with the tracks ranging in style from the newer, heavier sound to the classic YMAS vibes we all know and love. It’s a versatile album, according to frontman Josh Franceschi and we have to agree. We should make it clear, we’re a fan of everything You Me At Six does, and we love the sound of this album. In particular, ‘Read My Mind’ feels like a callback to the Cavalier Youth and Sinners Never Sleep eras. It’s almost like a crossover between the sound of the two albums. You can hear the heavier sound for sure, marking this track as a product of the SUCKAPUNCH era. We love that YMAS could dive into this heavier sound while still letting its unique sound shine through. 

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‘Read My Mind’ 

‘Read My Mind’ does a great job of capturing the frustration of wondering why someone can’t just read your mind in a situation. 

I’m so sick and tired of always wasting
My breath for saying what I’m thinking
Why can’t you read my mind? (Mind) Why can’t you
read my mind? (Mind)”

The intensity of the drumbeat and the guitars, coupled with Josh Franceschi’s vocals, help the emotions of this song translate well. It feels like voicing your frustrations at being misunderstood, sick of wasting your breath and wishing someone just read your mind and figure out what you’re saying. YMAS makes songs meant to be played at full volume, and this track is no exception.

Read My Mind
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SUCKAPUNCH (Deluxe) is available to stream here, and you don’t want to miss out. We don’t know about you, but we’re stoked to hear this album live, and it’ll happen sooner than you think! You can catch You Me At Six on their UK tour in September, where they’ll be joining forces with Bring Me The Horizon. Are you going to be there?

Let us know what you think of ‘Read My Mind’ and the rest of SUCKAPUNCH (Deluxe) in the comments below or by hitting us up on Twitter! We’re always buzzing about something, so don’t be shy! 

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