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The Bees Knees Discoveries Of The Week Are Back!

The Bees Knees Discoveries Of The Week Are Back!

It’s another fun week on our stereos! We love this eclectic mix of genres each day and here are some of our ones-to-watch artists to follow. Scroll down to take a glimpse at our discoveries of the week!

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Dylan Fraser – ‘Nightmare’

Did we find the next Sam Fender? Maybe! Dylan Fraser has gained so much hype lately. We should thank his track ‘Viper,’ which featured on the Fifa 2021 soundtrack. He’s back with a second teaser for his upcoming EP, The World Isn’t Big When You Know How It Works, and it’s a banger! ‘Nightmares’ malicious guitars and loud drums make together an infectious melody. The song waves in supersonic rhythms, taking some influences from Inhaler, modern indie, and retro synthpop.

Give the track some support and stream here! If you like it, we suggest you preorder or pre-save the new EP here. What can we expect from the record? Only top surprises!

Rei Ami – Foil Mixtape

Who wants to groove this weekend? We found the right spot for you! REI AMI is your new weapon of choice with her Foil Mixtape. With the swag of a Bree Runway, she spits the hip-hop bars like a powerful lady. Can she be the female version of YUNGBLUD? We believe so! She mixes hip-hop with so many genres that she reinvents the music itself.

She experiments with various instruments to make a beautiful chaotic universe. On the EP, she has this wonderful collaboration with Lolo Zouaï. We can only dream to have our ‘Cherry Chapstick’ makeup line. How do we switch from one track to another? It’s easy, just enjoy the surprises! Feel the groove and reflect on society or ourselves. At the same time, we’re having so many emotions, especially on the last track with Aminé, ‘do it right.’ You can stream or buy Foil Mixtape here.

Felly – ‘Fast Car’

Do you live your life like you drive on a speedway? Felly is this up-and-coming artist that is authentic and shines with his eclectic influences. Our discovery of the week creates a bold rhythmic line that reminisces of Billie Eilish’s ‘Bad Guy’ vibes. ‘Fast Car’ flawlessly goes from hip-hop poetry to reflective melodies. Life is like desert crossing, don’t you think? Felly explores his past times with honest and raw lyrics. “I was in a fast car/Dynamite on my seat, my leather and my chick on fleek, on God/Do some sh*t like me might fly like three times a week,” he sings gracefully. We love the flows and how organic it sounds. Fans of Alfa Mist will be amazed by the jazzy and blending styles true core of the song!

Oscar Lang – ‘21st Century Hobby’

Sit tight on the tube and set your headphones to our discovery of the week’s Oscar Lang. The London singer-songwriter tries to escape the flow of advertisement we receive each day on ‘21st Century Hobby.’ Sponsored tweets or Instagram accounts anyone? Our new hobby is to rely more on clicks than relationships with others. The Bowie-infused ‘Space Oddity’ guitar intro is truly addictive. “Behind the glass, they stop and stare / The joy is gone, but they’re still there / We’re not made to compare / But it’s a 21st-century hobby” croons Oscar Lang on the vibrant chorus. We can’t get enough of the refreshing pop sounds and the danceable beats. It’s joyful and irresistible.

Do you want some good news? The Londoner’s debut album, Chew The Scenery, is out this August. Click to preorder or pre-save here.

Kadebostany feat Valeria Stoica-‘Take Me To The Moon’

It’s time to travel to a whole different universe with the project Kadebostany. The new single ‘Take Me To The Moon,’ featuring Valeria Stoica on vocals, enlightens the day. Following a ton of shimmering productions that you can stream here, the project brings a seducing track that blends jazz instrumentation, voluptuous expressions, and blissful electronic sounds. It’s easy to think about the inspirational beats of Polo & Pan intertwined with the dreamy ambiance of London Grammar while we listen to ‘Take Me To The Moon.’

In a plain decor, our discovery of the week performs their new track on Spin TV. In this uncluttered version, we are going through the looking glass with such emotions. You can watch their stunning live performance here. Don’t forget to check out the official video too!

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Elohim – Journey To The Center Of Myself Vol.1 EP

It’s a new dawn for this new LA-based artist. Elohim explores her soul on Journey To The Center Of Myself Vol.1 EP. It’s so easy to enjoy these 15 minutes of pure feel-good tracks. We love to bounce on the producer’s electronic rhymes. Who else wants more? In the likes of hyper pop icons Icona Pop and Charli XCX, Elohim shines with her pumping beats coming across our minds. Do you think life is a fast-paced runway? We are! We ‘Strut’ and feel the power through the bass vibes. This track is one of many collaborations the LA producer worked on and as the ones she did with Louis The Child or Skrillex, it’s a proper club filler.

Do you wanna kick the party off? All you have to do is to download or stream the Journey To The Center Of Myself Vol.1 EP on the platform of your choice here.

What do you think about this selection of new releases? Exciting, aren’t they? Visit us on Facebook, Instagram or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop and leave us your comments!

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Featured Image Source: Emily Defoor- THP Graphic Team

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