You Need to Hear Jxdn’s Tell Me About Tomorrow , Today!

You Need to Hear Jxdn’s  Tell Me About Tomorrow , Today!

This just in, Jxdn is an absolute rockstar! He never fails to amaze us with his killer singles, and now he’s done something else. He released his new album Tell Me About Tomorrow, and we are obsessed. It gives us the rock feel we’ve been craving for this summer. Let’s talk about it, shall we? 

Tell Me About Tomorrow
Image Source: Cynthia Parkhurst

This album’s tracklist features a few of Jxdn’s singles, which we loved hearing again. ‘Angels & Demons,’ ‘Think About Me,’ and ‘So What’ all made appearances on the album. Just like the first time we heard them, we couldn’t help but dance around our rooms. Can you blame us? He really does make stellar music.

How about we dive into some of our favorites from the album? (In no particular order, of course!)


Tell Me About Tomorrow
Image Source: Cynthia Parkhurst

On top of this being a killer song, we also got a music video! MGK and Jxdn is a duo we knew we needed, and we got it. Words can’t describe the excitement this duo brings us. Along with the pair being unstoppable, let’s talk about our favorite lyrics.

“I saw a movie, and I wished it was my life, and then I heard a song that I wish I wrote for you” is probably our favorite line in the song. Music runs through both of their veins, and we can tell. The pop-punk style that the two share puts this song on the level it is. This song is an absolute banger.

We hope we can look forward to more collabs in the future. After finding out Jxdn is going on tour with MGK this fall, we can’t wait for more.


Tell Me About Tomorrow
Image Source: Cynthia Parkhurst

We’ve all heard part one, and we all loved it. It was one of the first tastes we ever got of Jxdn. Hearing what he did with part one, you can only guess we were totally excited for part two! We weren’t expecting this approach, but we are captivated by what we got. Jxdn puts into his music what grandmas put in their cooking, love, and possibly sugar.

With this song, we can only hope that one day Jxdn gives us a music video. If not, we’re glad he gave us something to sing along to as we’re driving down a deserted road with our hands out the window.


Image Source: Cynthia Parkhurst

The last song on the album correlates with the name of the album, and we adore it. The song has a softer feel than the rest of the album, and it’s beautiful. The song’s feel sets it apart from the rest of the album yet fits so nicely. It’s the same as when Taylor Swift added ‘Bad Blood’ to 1989, it shouldn’t work, but it does. It’s lyrically breathtaking along with musically.

“So sick from all of the scars they left, searchin’ for more than this life can give, at night when you feel all alone, I’ll tell you about tomorrow” is such a brilliant lyric. We think Jxdn’s choice to match this song with the album title was genius. ‘Tell Me About Tomorrow’ is breathtaking, and it might be our favorite on the album.

Image Source: Cynthia Parkhurst

We have loved watching Jxdn get to this point, and we can’t wait to watch him excel from here. Jxdn is such a talented artist, and his music shows that. He wrote this album for more than himself; he wrote it for all of us. We can’t find the words to express how much we love this album and Jxdn. Just know we can’t wait to replay this album for the rest of the summer.

Have you heard the full album yet? What were your thoughts on it as a whole? Do you have a favorite song already? Have you got tickets for MGK and Jxdn’s tour? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter @TheHoneyPop. You could also let us know on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: @jadenhossler on Instagram

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