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SAINT PHNX Are Fighting To Find Their ‘Happy Place’

SAINT PHNX Are Fighting To Find Their ‘Happy Place’

If there is a music project we massively fell in love with, it’s Scotland’s SAINT PHNX. We first heard about them two years ago. We were so hyped for our YUNGBLUD concert and, then, the duo of siblings put the fire to the stage as the opening act. It’s easy to feel nostalgic about these energy-fueled concerts. Soon, we’ll find our ‘Happy Place’ again. While waiting for it, we can enjoy this new single. As always, SAINT PHNX brings amazing sounds.

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Keep Your Head Up!

Over the hills and far away/Looking out for a better day,” opens SAINT PHNX on their new single. Hope and revelations are on their mind and it swerves around the melodies. This new track, ‘Happy Place,’ is very personal for the brothers. We can relate to the song, no matter what we experience. If we break up, lose a person we love, or just are having the normal ups and downs life brings, we can find our comfort while listening to the brilliant lyrics. “In the darkness, leave a light on/Through the storm, I’ll remember what you told us/Keep your head up, standing strong/If you dream and believe, you can find a way back home,” they sing on the uplifting bridge. No matter what happens, live the moment. Don’t look back to your past and believe in all that you can accomplish. This will get you to your ‘Happy Place’ and it will pay off.

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Let’s Cry And Rejoice Together!

Are you a fan of Imagine Dragons and can’t wait for their new material? Don’t panic, SAINT PHNX are there with their soaring but shining harmonies on ‘Happy Place.’ The song mixes powerful chords and sensibility, inspired by Mumford And Sons and Lewis Capaldi aesthetics. Don’t be afraid to shed a tear when you listen to the beautiful tribute SAINT PHNX give to their late father. Who remembers when we cry on Two Of Us by Louis Tomlinson? Well, it’s the same feeling that we have in the deepest part of our heart while hearing ‘Happy Place.’ It’s sad, poetic, but we can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Watch the duet fighting on the battlefield of love and grief on the official video. If you like the track, you can give it a spin on your favorite streaming services here.

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Featured Image Source: courtesy of Atlantic Records

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