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GIRLI Defies The Body Stereotypes On New Single ‘Dysmorphia’

GIRLI Defies The Body Stereotypes On New Single ‘Dysmorphia’

How can we cope with our problems? Music is the key factor for it! GIRLI has penned her brand new song, ‘Dysmorphia,’ as a way to let out her feelings about her struggles. Writing can be such great therapy and the London-based artist has proven it again with this beastly new single.

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Sharing Is Caring

GIRLI is following the path of Demi Lovato (4D with Demi Lovato) and Pete Wentz (Loud And Sad Radio) in the podcast world. She’s not only a great singer-songwriter, but she’s also an incredible host. She talks about life experiences with many social and cultural figures of the LGBTQ community. The singer has talked about very important issues with her guests, from Pussy Riot’s Nadya to Nova Twins, and Foxgluvv, including opening up about mental health, sexuality, feminism and hot topics. Sharing their own experiences, the guests discuss how they cope with many triggering issues and overcome them. It leads to a profound reflection for us as we follow the discussion, about how we can shape our lives in better ways.

You can listen to the fabulous and introspective episodes of GIRLY IRL here.

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Of Monsters And Women

We learned to ‘Play It Cool’ with GIRLI back in 2018. Since then, the London pop star walks through the road of stardom and expresses herself without fear. On her new single ‘Dysmorphia,’ she attacks body image with a bang. “Don’t tell me to love myself more/I wish that it was that simple/Can’t live without her approval/Cause she’s warps my reflection and makes me obsessive,” GIRLI slaps viciously on the chorus.

Do you have those thoughts that sometimes run through your head too? The London singer tackles these monsters head-on. It’s hard! It takes time, but positive things will always win at the end of the day. GIRLI shows all her powers in the music video for ‘Dysmorphia.’ Battling her demons, she fights with her anthemic electro-pop sounds. She knocks off everything with her power, inspiring so many new artists like Issey Cross. Erase the negative thoughts that haunt your mind and heal to the infectious beats. Love your body, love your soul and things will get better.

‘Dysmorphia’ is out now and you can get it from any music provider here. What do you think about the track? Tell us on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, or over on Facebook or Instagram.

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