Imagine Dragons Are Ready To Take Over The World With This Release!

Imagine Dragons Are Ready To Take Over The World With This Release!

Dear people around the world, how are we feeling? Are we all breathing okay? Cause we are freaking out after what Imagine Dragons have given us! First, they bring us this amazing track ´Wrecked,´ and at the same time, bring us this amazing news? Oh my god, our hearts are about to explode with excitement!

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We Don’t Want To Be Fixed!

Imagine Dragons have come to take over 2021, and with just the song ‘Wrecked’ they have shown us that they already have it in their hands. The powerful and touchy song that leads us into grief and a moving state of mind, has shown us that being amazing musicians is not the only talent of the band. They have taken us into the lyrical genius of their minds.

Listen to ‘Wrecked’ HERE!

It gives us goosebumps, with the voice of Dan Reynolds sharing a memory of his beloved sister-in-law. The calm but thoughtful melody is the perfect match to let us escape from our real world and let us travel with them within the song. Imagine Dragons have let us get inside their minds, and know them more purely and deeply than before. They are tearing us apart, so we can be build back up together with what is coming next.

We Are Going To Another Planet

To close this big day for the fandom, we have been blessed with the announcement of the fifth studio album of our favorite band! Mercury- Act 1 is coming y’all and we are marking the date of September 3rd, cause there’s no way in the world that we are going to miss this release! Let’s get ready for a new era of Imagine Dragons, cause this is going to be huge!

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Pre-order Mercury- Act 1 HERE!

The band has given the fandom a sneak peek of what the album is going to wrap around. It will take us to emotional extremes and will not let anyone hold anything back. Prepare yourself our dear readers, this album is gonna change the way you live.

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‘Wrecked’ has just been a small part of what we are gonna get from one of the best bands in all the world, and we can’t wait! What are your thoughts about the new single? Do you have any theories about the upcoming album? Tell us everything in the comments, and don’t forget to buzz with us on our Twitter @TheHoneyPop!

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[…] ‘Wrecked‘ has been a song we are obsessed with since day one, and it continues to give us the goosebumps that it gave us since the first time we heard it. Imagine Dragons wrote one of the most powerful songs of 2021, and now they have released the music video for it, which will totally take you into another emotional voyage. […]

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