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Katy Perry’s Play Residency Jumped On The NFT Train

Katy Perry’s Play Residency Jumped On The NFT Train

When we first heard about NFTs a few months ago, we had no idea that they would surge into mainstream popularity so quickly! What started off as a rather small part of crypto-culture has quickly spread throughout the internet and Hollywood. Everyone from Eminem to Halsey to Calvin Harris seems to be releasing some form of the rising cryptocurrency. Now, another artist is joining the ranks. Katy Perry‘s Play residency will be celebrated with the release of NFTs!

Katy Perry's Play residency
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Here’s What We Know

Katy Perry’s Play residency starts in December 2021, in Las Vegas. Not only is the residency being commemorated with the first drop of the collaboration, but Katy’s residency is the first Las Vegas residency commemorated by NFTs! How cool is that? Theta Network and Katy Perry teamed up for this collaboration and you can sign up for more information about the drops here. Not only that, but Katy is also acquiring a minority interest in Theta which is pretty cool. There’s no word just yet on what exactly the collection will contain. All we know is the first drop celebrates Katy Perry’s Play residency, so it’ll probably be something unique. In regards to the NFT collection, Katy had this to say:

I’m both excited and curious to be launching my first ever NFTs later this year with Theta Network. This is a new, unique opportunity to connect with my fans around the world even if they aren’t with me in Las Vegas. I can’t wait to dive in with the Theta team on all the exciting and memorable creative pieces, so my fans can own a special moment of my residency that’s both a digital collectible as well as an IRL experience.

Katy Perry via press release

We’re excited for whatever Katy has in store for us! NFTs are gearing up to be a common release from artists, so we’ll be keeping an eye out. What do you think of NFTs? Are you excited about Katy Perry’s? Let us know in the comments below or hit us up on Twitter over @thehoneypop!

We have more NFT news right this way!

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