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DAY6 (Even of Day) Is Back With Their New Masterpiece: ‘Right Through Me’

DAY6 (Even of Day) Is Back With Their New Masterpiece: ‘Right Through Me’

After wrapping up the Book of Us series, DAY6 is back sooner than anyone could’ve expected – but believe us, no one is complaining. However, it isn’t exactly DAY6 that is back, but the sub-unit Even of Day. This time, with their 2nd mini-album, Right Through Me, they take on the vintage and retro feel with a rockier, bigger sound. This might be one of the best releases of 2021, but we didn’t expect any less from them.

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Image Source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s Official Twitter Account (@day6official)

The 2nd Mini-Album

Even of Day debuted as a sub-unit less than a year ago with The Book of Us: Gluon, their first mini-album. Now, DAY6’s members Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon are back with Right Through Me, with a vintage and retro aesthetic that no one really expected but that they pull off wonderfully. And that same vintage and retro vibe can be found in the music as well, parting away with the sound of their first mini-album. After 6 years, Young K switched from his bass to an electric guitar, so if that doesn’t tell you how they’re always out there trying new things and new genres, nothing will.

Thanks to the music and the incredible lyricism of the songs, this album has a message of hope and support. The members themselves said they wanted this album to be like a friend that is simply there for the listener.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s official Twitter account (@day6official)

The B-Sides

DAY6 (Even of Day) open Right Through Me with ‘We,’ a song that carries that message of support and hope better than any. With lyrics that make it clear that it is okay and normal to struggle, but that everything eventually will be okay, ‘We’ feels like a hug. The lyric “even when the nights tries to swallow you, the dawn will come and find you” sums up the concept of this grand and magnificent song perfectly. The third track in the album, ‘Walk,’ also carries a quiet positive message in the same way as ‘We.’ It’s all about how you should always keep going forward no matter the struggles.

However, ‘all the things you wanted’ is a much darker track. The ballad is about the regrets left after a break-up, about what they should’ve done and how better they’ve should’ve been. The following track, ‘from the ending of tragedy’ has a very rock instrumental with a melody on the chorus that reminisces of British rock. The track is somehow full of hurt as they question themselves about being good enough. These two tracks are by far the darker tracks in the album, but they might also be the highlight when it comes to b-sides.

Image Source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s official Twitter account (@day6official)

But Right Through Me goes back to a happy place with the two closing tracks: ‘Home Alone’ and ‘LOVE PARADE.’ The sixth track, ‘Home Alone,’ a carefree retro track, is about finally getting over someone and enjoying being alone. And ‘LOVE PARADE’ is, as its name might indicate, a song with the feel of a marching band perfect for a parade. The first lyric of the song sums up the entire song: “add more color to the world that’s filled with greyness.”

To know more about the behind-the-scenes of the album, the band released an album commentary film and we fully recommend it.

‘Right Through Me’

And how could we forget about the best part of this comeback?

DAY6 (Even of Day)’s title track, ‘Right Through Me,’ is such a special song. From its lyrics to the melody and the instrumental – this song can’t be qualified as anything other than an absolute masterpiece. The song has a strong vibe of a 90s Korean ballad but yet feels very modern with its hip-hop and jazz influence. It is such a sophisticated, nostalgic, and strong ballad. The vocals are absolutely incredible – as they are in all the other tracks. The lyricism is just as good as the melody, as it talks about trying to leave someone behind when it wasn’t their decision to break up. It’s the representation of the hurt when things build up and end up bursting out – trying to hold on to something but ending up having to let go due to the hurt.

And when you think this comeback couldn’t get any better: we haven’t talked about the music video yet. Young K, Wonpil, and Dowoon are the main characters of this music video, and they’re back with amazing acting skills. It’s not only that but the aesthetic, the color palette, and the vintage feel of this music video are gorgeous. It puts you right in the mood of the song. This might be their best music video ever, so we won’t spoil any of the storylines.

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Needless to say, DAY6 has done it again. They gave us an incredible comeback, including the masterpiece that is ‘Right Through Me.’ And we’re not even close to getting over it. It truly goes to show that DAY6 can do it all and nail it every single time.

What did you love the most about the music video? What was your favorite song in DAY6’s Right Through Me? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook and Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: JYP Entertainment via DAY6’s official Twitter account (@day6official)

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