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Legends Supporting Legends: K-POP Girl Groups Who Look Up To Little Mix

Legends Supporting Legends: K-POP Girl Groups Who Look Up To Little Mix

Little Mix K-POP Girl Groups

Welcome to Legends Supporting Legends, a series that’s built for multi-stans to completely lose all sense of the word “chill” and bask in the glory of when their favorite artists support one another, leading to the best interactions ever and totally feeding our souls.

K-POP Girl Groups Who Look Up To Little Mix kpop collab Mamamoo BLACKPINK TWICE
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Over the past decade, Little Mix has been a pop powerhouse, making their mark on the music industry and inspiring future artists simultaneously. Once hopeful girls looking up to the girl groups before them, they have blossomed into powerful women who have now been leaving their own influence on groups hoping to be just like them.

They’ve had a global fanbase for the longest time, with Japan and Korea being such big fans that they recorded ‘Wings’ in Japanese and Korean. With the rise of K-POP over the past few years, we’ve been introduced to dozens of incredible groups, and many of the girls have looked to Little Mix for inspiration.


This TWICE interview truly has us in our oils! As you may know, Jade was revealed as one of the songwriters for TWICE’s Taste of Love mini-album. ‘First Love’ is something she worked on a few years ago but kept it for a special occasion and felt that TWICE was the perfect group to give it to! When speaking about her involvement in the song with Zach Sang, they revealed that during their trainee days, they actually covered a lot of Little Mix songs and listened to them when they were younger. “We are very honored that Jade was a part of this song.” said TWICE. One step closer to a collab, perhaps?


Our multistan hearts were soaring when ITZY sang ‘Wings’ during a 2019 VLIVE. Ryujin also later revealed that during their evaluations as trainees – much like their company sisters TWICE – the girls played various Little Mix songs such as ‘Oops,’ ‘Touch,’ ‘Wings,’ ‘Power,’ and ‘Black Magic!’ Can we go with you on the next tour, girlies?


Mamamoo have been seen showing their love for Little Mix on a number of occasions, such as Moonbyul dancing to ‘Power,’ as well as her and Solar choosing to play ‘Oops’ on radio. Back in September 2020, Mamamoo‘s Solar spoke about her love for Little Mix and how she hopes to work with them someday. “I hope that Little Mix and Mamamoo will do a collab. Of course, I know them well, they are really cool. They are an artist who I listen and watch them well. It would be an honor if we were able to do it [collab].” A Mamamix collab would truly end us. And guess what? Jade feels the same! Speaking in an interview last year when asked if she knew about the group, Miss Thirlwall said: “the fans always tweet about them so I checked them out on YouTube and was like oh sick, yes!” And we know Mixers and Moomoos get on really well, so it’s not a want but a need!


During the shoots for the -77.82X-78.29 album, members of EVERGLOW can be seen vibing to ‘Power’ to keep the vibes high while they work. We, at THP HQ, can confirm that it’s a song that for sure gets you pumped when you’re on the job! Aisha also shared during an online fan sign that she would love to collab with Perrie, Leigh-Anne, and Jade someday and we’re manifesting this collab. ‘DNA’ and ‘LA DI DA’ have similar vibes so we think both girl groups have the ability to match in their artistry, to pull off something incredible!


We love when album tracks get the attention they so rightly deserve, so when STAYC covered ‘Boy’ from Little Mix’s sophomore album Salute, we were so excited! Watch how they give an incredible acapella performance live – that’s some talent right there.


MOMOLAND have shown their love for Little Mix on a few occasions. Taeha, JooE, Nancy Ahin, and Daisy covered ‘Black Magic’ back in 2019, while Ahin has also sung one of their songs on a live stream, and JooE did a ‘Strip’ dance cover where they both absolutely nailed it.

Dia’s Eunice

Dia’s Eunice knows what’s up. ‘Joan of Arc’ is a clear fan favorite and she clearly agrees. She took to performing the LM5 track and did such an incredible job in doing so! The choreography really does the song justice and we can lowkey see Little Mix taking notes for future performances.


Dreamcatcher may have changed their name from MINX, but one thing’s for sure: they’ve always been Mixers! Here they are back in the day covering ‘Wings.’ We are living for their outfits, it reminds us of old skool Little Mix. Perhaps style inspo too? Yooheon also gave such a moving performance of ‘Secret Love Song’ that really hits us right in the feels!

Fromis_9’s Chaeyoung

Back in 2019, Chaeyoung once performed a dance routine to the iconic ‘Woman Like Me,’ and though we didn’t see the full routine, it produced enough serotonin to fulfill our multistan needs! We’re really hoping for more Fromis_9 X Little Mix content in the near future, so we’ll keep making our 11:11 wishes…


Former girl group 2eyes took quite a shine to Little Mix’s single ‘Move’ and have even covered it on several occasions. We must say – they did such a great job and we know the girls would be so proud. Just listen to those harmonies! We miss you, 2eyes!


Okay, but can we take a second to admire this incredible cover by 3YE? The outfits, the choreo, the fact they got a pretty good match for the ‘Woman Like Me’ music video, we are thriving! Haeun also revealed on a Twitter Q&A that she looks up to the British beauties and honestly we can relate.


While she’s now a solo artist, HyunA is still in fact a Mixer! Here’s a video of her and Dawn being absolute couple goals as they dance to ‘Strip.’ Tbh this is all we want from a relationship – is that too much to ask?! Lowkey would love to see them all with their partners having a dance-off for the bants.

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At their Cool.newwav showcase, BVNDIT paid homage to Little Mix as they covered their 2013 single ‘Move’ in the form of acoustic. The members looked like they had a blast performing it and proved that the song is still a pure banger almost a decade on!


During their debut showcase in 2014, Lovelyz showed just how much potential they had as rookies, when they gave this stellar acapella performance of the Little Mix rendition of ‘Word Up!’ which they released for Sport Relief the same year. With such an amazing cover, it was pretty clear these girls were full of talent!

Rocket Punch

Another group to give a phenomenal dance cover of ‘Woman Like Me’ is Rocket Punch! We’re truly living for the outfits and the overall visuals. We’d love to see them perform with Little Mix themselves in an iconic collab performance!


We’re still sorely missing this group since they disbanded last year and often find ourselves watching videos of them for comfort. Obviously, that includes their breathtaking acapella cover of ‘Boy.’ They actually covered it more than once and also gave a quick impromptu performance of ‘DNA’ in the car once, as you do!

K-POP Girl Groups Who Look Up To Little Mix kpop collab Mamamoo BLACKPINK TWICE
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Who out of these girl groups would you love to see collab with Little Mix? Do you know of any others who are Mixers? Let us know down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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