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Tom Odell Is Unshackled, Liberated & Absolutely Epic In Exclusive Interview

Tom Odell Is Unshackled, Liberated & Absolutely Epic In Exclusive Interview

Tom Odell, the award-winning songwriter, and platinum-selling chart-topping artist tells all, including his fourth studio album, 2022 tour, and mental health in the music scene.

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An industry titan, spending almost a decade in the biz, Odell found his voice (literally) in the industry, after spending time as a songwriter first. What gave him the bump to bring it as a singer himself? Well, truthfully, he couldn’t find anyone to sing his songs. “When I was in school, I used to write songs in a band. And we’d just have a revolving door of singers come in and out of the band.” The theme seemed to follow as he moved home for the first time. In a search to find someone to sing his songs, the fit was never right. “So I started singing. It was easier, I sang them how I wanted them to sound, and it worked out pretty well.” Surely it did. We can’t imagine anyone singing his songs as flawlessly and charmingly as he does himself.

Tom Odell – ‘numb’

Spending a great deal of his life in the music world, he’s seen it evolve before his eyes. “It’s completely unrecognizable in so many ways. I think it’s gotten so much better in a lot of ways.” Finding footing and ever-evolving as an artist himself, he’s happy to see individuals do things their way. “Artists are able to control their own career.” Using social media as a tool, creating a community with direct interaction with their audience, and even streaming services has made for a positive place for an artist. “It’s not all good, you know? They still need to pay the songwriters more. But the positives do outweigh the negatives.”

Odell points out the progressiveness in the pop scene and the incredibility of artists today. “Billie Ellish, Olivia Rodrigo, girl in red. I mean, like I don’t know, Travis Scott, Rosalia. Like it’s just good progressive music. It’s so forward. It’s so left. It’s so challenging. You know?” We can’t disagree there. Some of the most brilliant music finds home to the pop genre. Finding complexity and soulful lyrics with heavy-hitting topics, the respect within is massive. “Singing about important things and actually, I think, helping the world in a significant way.” Odell loves to see the amount of diversity within the scene.

It doesn’t matter where you’re from. It doesn’t matter what gender you are. It doesn’t matter how you associate your sexuality or anything. It’s just so wonderful, and it’s such a melting pot.

The passion pours as he promotes the pureness of the current scene, and it doesn’t stop there as we dive into his lyricism. The secret to his killer tunes? Taking his time. Always a part of his process, he slows things down. Usually starting with the music idea, the lyrical idea comes second. Primarily finding them at the piano, he tries to say as much as possible in a short amount of time. “That’s the thing about writing songs. You have very little words to say a lot.” Using clarity, instinct, soul, and spirit in a combination to make songs is a pure form of art and one we love to see from Tom.

From London to LA, Tom Odell has written music in all types of settings. A nod to LA, Odell refers to it as a home for some of the best musicians and writers in the world. “A great place to learn and listen.” While Los Angeles has a sunset like no other and is productive for him, London holds his heart. Filled with friends and family and a bit more laid back, it also is home to his piano.

Emotion. Deep Emotion.

Speaking of productivity, Tom Odell is providing us evidence of his. With a new album release right around the corner. July 9th, his fourth studio album Monsters drops via Sony Music U.K/RCA Records. If you’re anything like us, then we know you’re dying to learn more. What can you expect from the LP? Emotion. Deep Emotion. Tom reflects, “I was going through a pretty heavy time. I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks and had been for many years, and it was beginning to reach a sort of fever pitch in a way. I had to address it, and I addressed it with my writing.” Opening a door, he began to write about a strewn of things. From money, fame to gun control in America. 

I felt unshackled. I felt liberated by the fact that I finally faced my demon. […] The only way to deal with it was to turn around and look it in the eyes.

Odell is proud of the album. Its rawness is important to him. Shining light on his own mental health has a certain significance in the incorporation of his music. For years, he felt as if it was off-topic for him. Who was he to talk about something that so many deal with, suffered worse from? Using his position in the public eye, he encourages other people to talk about it. As he began to write about it, he found the confidence himself to talk about it. “I don’t want other people to go through the same thing, and I notice amongst my friends there is a reluctancy to talk about how you feel, and even more reluctance in men, if I’m being honest with you.” Touching on toxic masculinity, what Tom wants to see is a better world for everyone, and that starts with talking about your feelings.

Odell reflects on his break from music. “Switch your phone off. Go back to when you first started playing, and do it for that reason.” While it wasn’t easy to step away, he found it an essential part of his career—solace in the silence.

Tom Odell – ‘lose you again’

Tom’s latest single, ‘lose you again,’ recently released a music video shot in Wembley Stadium. With such an emotional song, his goal was for it to reach far and wide. The space, certainly set the mood.

It was epic. It was huge.

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If you’re wondering where you can get more of Tom Odell? Well, we’ve got double the good news for you. For easy access, head to TikTok. There is where you’ll find him. A fan of the app for the most part, “I love it, I mean there is obviously like some dodgy sh*t on there […], but I think it’s incredible. I think it’s so music-centered.” Trailing into a reflection of the early aged internet, dial-up, Limewire, Myspace, “It felt like quite punk, like there was a punk element to it. It didn’t feel like the mainstream. It felt quite chaotic, quite sort of unregulated, and just like a bit mad. I kinda feel like TikTok has a bit of that spirit.” We knew we liked the app too, and now it’s all starting to make sense why. And it’s addictive.

Now, if you feel like you need to see Tom Odell in the flesh (you do), 2022 is your year. A scheduled UK Tour is happening, and a US announcement is on the way. Pause for excitement. Spending the large half of his life on the stage, he’s more than ready to get back out there. And so are we!

There’s nothing better than an artist who is gracious for his fans and in tune with his emotions, and Tom Odell produces both. Let us know what you think! Comment down or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP! We are also on Facebook and Instagram!

Need more Tom Odell? More exclusive interviews? Always.


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