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5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Conan Gray

5 Reasons Why You Should Stan Conan Gray

Dubbed as the “pop prince of sad internet teens”, by Teen Vogue, Conan Gray is one to watch out for. From his beautiful face to his otherworldly vocals, he is every part a verifiable superstar in the making, with 4.2 million followers on Instagram, and monthly listener stats on Spotify that surpass many household names. Although there is so much more to him than meets one’s immediate attention, here are five reasons why we, at THP HQ, stan Conan Gray and why you should, too.

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1. The Music

We mean… duh! Conan Gray self-released his debut single ‘Idle Town’ in March 2017. The song gained over 14 million streams on Spotify and over 12 million views on YouTube. And it has been onwards and upwards ever since. Songs like ‘Generation Why,’ ‘Crush Culture’ from his debut EP Sunset Season, ‘Maniac,’ and ‘Heather’ – which became a TikTok hit from his debut album Kid Krow, have received critical acclaims and earned shout outs from the likes of Taylor Swift and Sir Elton John. What is to be highlighted is, he participates in writing all his songs, and at 22 years of age that is some wise songwriting – something we see less of, these days. The authenticity and rawness of whatever he is expressing through any given song, are what is bound to pull you in.

2. His YouTube Channel

Conan’s passion for music has always been deep-rooted and to prove the case in point he has a YouTube Channel which now sports a whopping 3.69 million subscribers. Conan started making YouTube videos from an early age. He says this was due to him being a “nostalgic kid.” By 12, he had started putting up videos of himself singing. On his channel, he usually uploads a mix of original songs, covers, cooking videos with friends, vlogs, and straight-to-camera conversations. Check out his latest video below:

3. His Unapologetic Responses To Haters/Gender Norms

Conan Gray is an unapologetic king and will not take any bs when it comes to people assuming his gender and being downright mean about it, another reason for you to stan. He has used both men and women as love interests in his music videos, however, he has not confirmed how he identifies. He tweeted:

Y’all are so annoying all y’all ever wanna do is place a label on me just let me f*ckin exist what the f*ck. If labels on sexuality and gender and beliefs and all that great stuff are helpful for u, I’m all for it. But the second you start trying to shove everyone else into a neat little easy-to-understand box, I get mad. Stop!

Way to go, sir! Tell them!

4. His Super Fun And Aesthetic Social Media Handles

Conan Gray is every bit of a Gen Z, Sagittarian icon and it shows. His Instagram posts/stories are a breath of fresh air on your stale timeline. His feed looks straight out of a very aesthetic Wattpad fic. It has equal parts stunning photography and just Conan being the cutest, quirkiest bean out there. His Twitter sports many of those same posts, and his many many fan interactions, make him a mass favorite. He has also been found to lurk on tweets of his faves Taylor Swift and BTS and ahh we feel you, Conan… because we do the exact same for you.

5. ‘Overdrive,’ ‘Astronomy’ & More

These are his latest songs and although they do factually come under the first point, we must tell you how they’re different. Between February and May 2021, Conan released two tracks, ‘Overdrive’ and ‘Astronomy’. These two are in their own way, stunning – ‘Overdrive,’ being the very mainstream pop, hyper-adrenaline-rush that it is, just makes you want to hit the road and become one with the wind. And then there’s ‘Astronomy.’ Safe to say it is worth all the meltdown the fandom collectively suffered upon its release. Featuring heart-wrenchingly beautiful and, mind you, self-written lyrics and equally dreamy vocals, ‘Astronomy’ proves to be the rightful lovechild of his previous songs ‘Heather’ and ‘The Other Side.’ The wistful guitar progression and the haunting chorus are the perfect soundtrack for when you’re up at 3 am and want to sob into your pillows.

These are just five of the many reasons you should stan Conan Gray. If you’ve never listened to him, it’s about time you do … because this one is special. And if these weren’t enough, we’ll give you one more reason, which is the fact that he has a new song coming out called ‘People Watching,’ dropping July 9th. You can pre-save it here. Yeah, this should do it.

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