Ashton Irwin: Inspirational Wordsmith of Sorts

An Intellectual, Kind, And Caring Soul!

Over the years Ashton Irwin has been inspirational to many. Ashton’s words of wisdom have provided change and clarity to us at The Honey POP. Through his ongoing dedication to becoming a ‘better man,’ here are a few ways he has uplifted us all to become better humans.

The New Broken Scene

Ashton Irwin has a way with words that can move us all to tears. For many of us, music is our love language. We feel it deeply because it has become a home away from our own realities. As a result, it becomes an escape and opens up conversations that may be considered taboo.

During one of 5 Seconds of Summer’s live shows, Ashton delivered a speech on what the New Broken Scene means. He stated that we all have our ups and downs but that’s okay. We all have our own journeys in life and to hear that it’s okay, is all we need sometimes. He went on to say that we all have our demons and they want to be there for us because they also have problems of their own.

Above all, Ashton wants himself, along with bandmates Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford, and Calum Hood, to mean something to all of us. And they do. Ashton Irwin is inspirational, always.

Words of Wisdom

Ashton Irwin has oftentimes been referred to as the Dad of the band. During a tour in 2019, Ashton created behind-the-scenes footage of chats with vocalist Luke Hemmings and bassist Calum Hood.

During Ashton’s chat with Luke, they spoke about the sacrifices they made to go on tour and whether the sacrifices made are worth it. Ashton reflected on past conversations. He stated that “there is something so sacrificial yet so brilliant about what we do.” He continued with “it’s like giving yourself to something and doing what you love and letting it kill you.”

In addition to Luke’s interview, Ashton spoke with Calum about social media as well as mental health.

Ashton started the interview by asking how Calum was doing that day. “Not bad, not great, but not bad,” Calum replied. Deeper into the conversation, they spoke about honesty when it comes to social media. “I often get caught up in the statistics behind honesty – because if you’re going to say something to people, you want the energy to be reciprocated,” said Ashton.

After diving into how social media perceives them, Ashton Irwin shed some light on mental health. Through the years, Ashton has opened up on his struggles with depression and anxiety. He started by saying that he does a lot of yoga and stays proactive about looking after his own mind. He spoke about why he chooses not to medicate himself as he feels that he is more himself without it.

In conclusion, we all have our struggles. Through hard work and dedication, we can be the best versions of ourselves.

Human vs. Humanity

As fans of Ashton Irwin, we were more than happy to hear that he was going to release a solo album. This album has created a space for us all to dig deeper within and love harder.

On October 23, 2020, during an Instagram live for the release of Superbloom, Ashton took us on the journey of how each song was created as well as a track-by-track breakdown. He gave us a peek into his mind as if we were viewing his life through a looking glass. With his family and close friends being the main motivation for this album, Ashton also kept us all in mind during the creative process.

While giving us a rundown of all the phenomenal tracks of the album, he speaks openly about mental health. While talking about ‘The Sweetness,’ he started by saying it’s plain and simple: “If you feel like life is a constant uphill battle and you’re dealing with depression or anxiety or anything and think you need to reach out for help, there’s no shame in that.” He continued by saying that you can recover and be happier in becoming more yourself.

If we ever need a reminder, Ashton always seems to know the right things to say when we need it most.

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In conclusion, Ashton Irwin is so inspirational to us and has been for so many years. He continues to show us nothing but unconditional love and gratitude.

Ashton, thank you for being our ‘Sunshine’ during our darkest days. We are forever grateful for all that you do for the world. Remember, you are strong, you are brave, and you are loved dearly.

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Featured Image Source: Sean Behr. Edited by Bella Jane for The Honey POP.

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