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BTS’ 6-Weeks Streak At Billboard Hot 100 With ‘Butter’

BTS’ 6-Weeks Streak At Billboard Hot 100 With ‘Butter’

Grab your banana milkshakes already ARMY, BTS has made themselves quite comfy on the Billboard Hot 100 List, seeing as ‘Butter’ has hit a streak of holding the #1 position for the 6th consecutive week! BTS? ‘Butter?’ Sixth week? Well, we didn’t see that one coming!

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Got ARMY Right Behind ‘Em When They Say So!

Here’s the deal. If ARMY says nothing dethrones BTS – nothing dethrones BTS. Our soul anthem since its release on May 21st, ‘Butter’ has hit its 6th consecutive week of staying the #1 song on the Billboard Hot 100 and our chests have swollen up by a mile in pride. As per MRC Data, the song has also claimed 28.3 million radio airplay audience impressions, up by 2%.

‘Butter’ is now the longest-running #1 hit on the Billboard Hot 100 by any Asian act in history and the Bangtan Boys have once again, added a new entry to their journal of breaking records, as ‘Butter’ becomes their own new longest-running #1 song ever.

Image Source: @bts_bighit via Twitter

The first full-English track by BTS that “set the night alight” like the North Star, ‘Dynamite’, held the aforementioned accolade by holding the #1 position for three consecutive weeks!

No surprise here that ARMY went a step ahead and helped their idols outdo themselves by a whole double number of weeks with ‘Butter.’ And excuse us for not being able to wrap our heads around this- six weeks! A whole month and then another week!

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This is us, raising the biggest toast ever to Bangtan and giving an enormous shoutout to ARMY who have likewise, solidified their position of being one of the biggest and most loyal fandoms in the music industry.

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Of course, this love is not unrequited and BTS never holds back in expressing it in capital letters and red underlined!

ARMY did that for us, so that’s why, no matter how tired/sleepy we are- we absolutely have to say hello. So that’s why we turned on the Vlive.

BTS on hitting the 5th consecutive week of ‘Butter’ holding the #1 position on the Billboard Hot 100.

Following the news of ‘Butter’ hitting the 5-week mark, we saw the fire-breathing rapper SUGA turning into ARMY’s Lil Meow Meow again, as he exploded into his happy dance in their latest Vlive:

The other members of BTS, likewise took to Weverse and Twitter to wear their purple hearts on their sleeves that made us melt faster than actual ‘Butter.’ Even Jungkook made the VIP guest appearance on Weverse after whole three months and we guess he recovered that password after all!

BTS Is On A Rollercoaster That Only Goes Up!

From beating Louis Tomlinson and Billie Eilish in the fan poll for playing ‘Butter’ at the Wembley Stadium at the UEFA EURO 2020 final matches, and owning the floor of Louis Vuitton with visuals to strike the soul, BTS is dauntless in checking off items from ARMY’s fantasy bucket list.

Bangtan also burgeoned the dawn of a new Cowboy BTS era by dropping the long-awaited teaser for their next musical piece. And we give it to you in print – meet the new sovereignty of the charts and the impending favorite of our playlist, ‘Permission To Dance.’ Statutory warning – hearts, calm down. Lungs, breathe. It’s just a teaser.

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We have thrown our emotional balance to the curb and since mischief runs in the BTS ‘DNA’– there is a possibility that the city names J-Hope is seen pointing at might be a subtle nod to their next world tour. Yes, we like to dream big. And we openly declare that we’re going to break a few bones trying to cartwheel to ‘Permission To Dance’ but watch it not affecting us in the least.

Also – ARMY? 7 weeks this time? Or how does 8 sound? We know the devoted residents of the Purple Ocean can do it! Well, we didn’t intend things to get emotional, but then…

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The 21st-century pop icons, our ‘Boys With Luv,’ BTS have proved that they’re in for the long haul and we’re not giving up our front row seats for the lives of us. Also, their single ‘Butter’ CD comes out July 9th on ARMY’s birthday so we kind of have our schedule laid out for the month!

Image Source: Tenor

BTS has been so lethally generous lately when it comes to content, that we’re literally getting whiplash, streaming ‘Butter’ for the 87252th time and going back to thirst over the content all over again.

How much BTS is enough in our lives? Pick your answer from our personal collection in the hive! And once again, congratulations to the Bangtan Boys and you, ARMY!

Comment below your favorite remix of ‘Butter’ and tweet us @TheHoneyPop. We’re also up for a round of gushing over Cowboy Bangtan on Facebook and Instagram. P.S. gushing always goes well with snacks so grab a Jungkookie on the way?


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