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Look Alive, Sunshine! HipDot Is Doing Another MCR Collab!

Look Alive, Sunshine! HipDot Is Doing Another MCR Collab!

Last year, we were met with the release of HipDot’s first collaboration with My Chemical Romance. Inspired by their second album, Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, the collection included some beauty bag staples. We channeled our inner 2000s with the double-ended, jet-black liquid liner and the appropriately colored red and black eyeshadow brush. HipDot also released their TCFSR palette which was packed full of bold pigments inspired by the theme of the album. Safe to say the collaboration sold out instantly upon its December 10th release. 

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Killjoys, Make Some Noise!

Well, MCR fans, rejoice! As revealed by Allure, HipDot’s coming in hot with their second MCR collab. This time, we’re getting ready to tour the zones with our four favorite Killjoys! You heard that right, HipDot is shifting its focus to MCR’s fourth album, Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys. Upon hearing the news, we already knew the collab would reflect the vibe of the album just as well as it did for the first collab. Danger Days is jam-packed with vibrant color and experimentation, which is why it’s such a fan favorite!

“Sparkle Like Bowie In The Morning Sun!”

The new line consists of a few different items. To begin, we have two white liners and a primer pot inspired by Better Living Industries. We also have a set of four metallic glosses based on the four themselves. As we all know, nothing is as iconic as the Killjoys’ outfits, and the glosses are proving that point even more. Now, for the main event, we have the show-stopper of the eye-shadow palette. Our jaws dropped when we saw the colors on that baby! We’re getting vibrant and metallic shades themed after some MCR songs and the album world itself. “Destroya, destroya, destroya, destroya!

Past Collaborations

Something striking about these two collabs is how opposite they are! Understandably so, the albums by MCR are completely different and display how versatile the band truly is with their craft. But to translate that into makeup? Amazing! HipDot also has their fair share of tricks up their sleeves that brings versatility into play. They’ve done collaborations with brands like Peeps, Reese’s, and even Tapatío! Each of those brands was reflected brilliantly with the items they released. The Peeps collab gave us our pastel fix and the Reese’s collab reflected their colors perfectly. The red hot Tapatío collab even introduced us to some adorable glosses that were in tiny bottles!

A Hint Of Nostalgia!

HipDot has also done work with some familiar characters that we keep near and dear to our hearts. HipDot x SpongeBob immersed us completely into Bikini Bottom. Where nostalgia meets experimentation, and we got some amazing shades reminiscent of the show. And, don’t even get us started on the Hello Kitty collab! The collection reflected the Sanrio character in the best way possible. With pinks and reds like that, we’re still obsessing over them today! The brand also worked with our favorite chick flick, Clueless! And yes, the iconic yellow plaid print makes an appearance!

Makeup artist FacedByKareem also collaborated with the beauty brand. Curating a line perfect for everyday looks, the collection has the basics you need! From brushes to a complete set, it’s the perfect set of neutral tones! Also making an appearance, the one and only Kesha collaborated with them as well! The whole collection is celestial and stunning! Check out this and all of the other amazing makeup collections and collabs for yourself, here! 

Their Mission

HipDot doesn’t only create amazing collaborations, but they’re also doing amazing things for the world. The brand is completely clean and vegan which is amazing! We admire how much they emphasize their clean practices. You can see for yourself that they put every detail of their makeup on their collab pages. Everything is cruelty-free, clean, and vegan! Celebrating pride month, HipDot collaborated with Meatball! Releasing items like the Diamond Diva palette as well as a rainbow sponge and much more, this collab gives us the best vibes. A portion of the collab sales is also going to the LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund. Seriously, what is there not to love about HipDot?

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Now Get Your Hands Up!

Check out their website and everything they have to offer here! The second HipDot x MCR collab inspired by Danger Days will be available for pre-order starting on July 22nd here! In the meantime, set your calendars and brainstorm your future Danger Days looks. We just know that gloss is gonna be louder than God’s revolver and twice as shiny!

So, let’s chat! How pumped are you for this upcoming MCR x HipDot collaboration? Do you love HipDot’s mission as much as we do? Lets chat on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP. You can also hit us up on Facebook and Instagram!

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Featured Image Source: My Chemical Romance’s Official Facebook Page

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