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Orla Gartland Is The Hottest Woman On The Internet!

Orla Gartland Is The Hottest Woman On The Internet!

Who’s the next big thing to break the internet? We think that Orla Gartland is the one! Who’s eager to hear her upcoming debut album Woman on the Internet that is due for release on August 20th? We are! The Irish singer-songwriter offered us some gems to feed our music appetite. So, let’s discover her latest single, ‘You’re Not Special, Babe.’

Image Source: Karina Barberis

The Power Of Women

Women in music are rising in a good way. Orla Gartland is another of these powerful creators. She proves it with her new songs that are set to appear on her forthcoming album. In the likes of our other darling girl in red, her art is so eclectic. It’s hard to know in advance how each track will sound. Sometimes, she goes acoustic on emotive piano ballads, as soft as Birdy, or she, on the other hand, has a taste for punk on her track ‘Zombies.’

Twenties Angst

As diverse it is musically, the album explores the chaos of life when we are in our young adult stage. Within the ups and downs, making our own decisions isn’t easy, and Orla Gartland lets out her angst in such a melodic way. With her piano or her guitar, she knows how to attract our attention. After the five previous singles, we are already curious to hear what’s coming up!

The Perfect Balance

Get a job just to get by
Spend your money till you die
Some people don’t stick around
But don’t let yourself down

Orla Gartland tells herself on the new single ‘You’re Not Special, Babe.’ Are you ready for the perks of adulting? We guess that it comes with a price, trying to find our autonomy in that candy cane world. The Irish songstress describes her song as a messy scrapbook of random thoughts about extreme highs and lows that will, in the end, turn to be balanced positively.

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To write a song is a journey of self-discovery, and you should all try it! Through the glimpse of her frantic guitar chords and alt-pop determination, we can see the mirror of our lives in her honest lyrics. You wouldn’t want to miss her hit the road in the UK this fall, too, so that you can have one of a kind experience! Stream ‘You’re Not Special, Babe’ here. Preorder Woman on the Internet, get your tour tix and much more exciting items here!

Do you prefer Orla Gartland punk or sweet side? Tell us what you think about her lovely sounds and what excites you the most about the new album Woman on the Internet on Twitter @TheHoneyPop, Facebook, or Instagram.

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Featured Image Source: Karina Barberis

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