Sofia Carson, We Love You So Much!

Sofia Carson, We Love You So Much!

We’ve been in love with Sofia Carson’s voice since her Descendants days, and we’ll continue to be forever. And, as a way to start July the right way, Sofia just released her new music video for ‘He Loves Me, But…!’ As usual, the queen delivered a flawless video set in the middle of the desert, with a few shots covered in green lighting for contrast.

Using the element of Earth to tell the story of this video, worked really well because it’s almost a reminder to stay grounded even when things seem confusing. Plus, you can’t tell us you’re not completely obsessed with Sofia’s outfits in this video. Please watch the video below, we promise it’ll make your day better.

‘He Loves Me, But…’ talks about being with someone who plays the part of a good guy, but only shows up “with half a heart.” Everyone has met a person who keeps saying they know what’s best for us, but never really ask us what we think of it. This song will definitely be on all our “getting over a bad situation” playlists. And in case you also want to add the song to all your playlists, you can stream it here.

I had the immense privilege of writing this song with the extraordinary Justin Tranter, Oak Felder and Carol Ades. We wrote, recorded and produced this record in a few hours; it was magical

– Sofia Carson on ‘He Loves Me, But…’
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Yes, Sofia, this song could only ever be described as magic. It’s the only explanation for the perfect combination of soulful lyrics and R&B-inspired melodies, all wrapped up by Sofia’s angelic vocals. We felt every emotion with her during this song, and there’s no doubt in our minds that’s just going to keep happening every single time we hear Sofia sing.

While we wait for Sofia Carson’s next musical masterpiece, come tell us your thoughts on ‘He Loves Me, But…’ on Twitter @TheHoneyPOP! We’ll love to hear from you!

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Featured Image Source: Hollywood Records, Inc.

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