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Badflower Unveil New Single ‘Family’ Ahead Of Their New Album!

Badflower Unveil New Single ‘Family’ Ahead Of Their New Album!

Badflower is an American rock band that is very much known for its raw and hard-hitting lyrics. Since forming in 2013, the band has had major success. Badflower released their debut album OK I’m Sick in February 2019, which LoudWire magazine claimed was one of the 50 Best Rock Albums of 2019, while the singles ‘The Jester,’ ‘Heroin,’ and ‘Ghost’ vaulted to No. 1 at Rock Radio. Not to mention, the album also picked up a GOLD-certification from the RIAA, and their single ‘Ghost’ won iHeartRadio Music Awards‘ Rock Song of the Year!

Earlier this year, the four-piece dropped their first single of 2021 called ‘F**k The World.’ This track was the first the band released from their upcoming album out this September. Additionally, the band also recently released their new single ‘Family’, giving us more of a taste of what to expect on the album. With ominous drums and a strong guitar melody, ‘Family’ hears some of Badflower’s most raw lyrics yet. It talks about how lonely it can be to feel as though you don’t belong in your own family and how isolating it can be to not know how to be affectionate to those you love.

The band also dropped a poignant video accompanying the track, which shows lead vocalist Josh Katz putting his family dynamics under a microscope for the world to dissect. Directing the video, he lets the viewer in on intimate scenes from a happy childhood that turns lonely. It perfectly portrays how personal and honest this track is.

Watch The Music Video For ‘Family’ Here!

This song is very important to me. I’ve spent a lot of years of my life trying to understand certain qualities about myself. Why I constantly distance myself from the people I care about the most, why interacting with my family feels so uncomfortable as an adult, why the simplest acts of kindness or words of affirmation feel like impossible tasks that I’d rather just avoid. I’m an extremely empathetic person but I only show that side of myself to strangers because actual vulnerability is too… vulnerable. That insecurity is turning me into a selfish, lonely person that I don’t want to be.

I hope the song helps someone else with similar issues on either end. As a way to start the conversation or even just inspire people to be a little more mindful of the people we love and who love us. Especially now in these insanely divided times. We could all use a reminder. Families and friendships are SO important.

Josh Katz, lead vocalist of Badflower

More from Badflower

The Los Angeles-bred and Nashville-based band recently announced that they are releasing their second album later this year. The album named This Is How The World Ends shows Badflower continue to commit body, blood, mind, and soul to their art. Beauty blooms from discomfort, and Badflower isn’t afraid of making anybody uncomfortable. On this album, Badflower talks about stress, sleeplessness, sex, sadness, mania, pain, and truth within their lyrics. They use these topics to create revelatory alternative anthems.

This Is How The World Ends is set to be released on September 24th. You can pre-order Badflower’s upcoming album here.

Badflower Album
Image Source: Official Album Artwork

Badflower also announced they will be the supporting act on rock band Palaye Royale’s UK and European tour early next year and perform at Reading and Leeds Festival this August! The band will also be playing at some US festivals over the summer. Tickets for all of these dates are on sale now and can be bought here!

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