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The Bees Knees Strikes Again With The Bangers!

The Bees Knees Strikes Again With The Bangers!

Fresh new beats are up and running. The Bees Knees column demystifies them for you again this week, from pop enchantments to disco vibrations and cute ballads, you’ll find what you need to fill your weekly playlist!

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UPSAHL – ‘Melatonin’

When we say acoustic versions sound better, we have further proof here. Los-Angeles based songstress UPSAHL knows how to make hits. She co-wrote ‘Good In Bed’ on Dua Lipa’s Future Nostalgia, and she’s serving on her new version of her own track ‘Melatonin.’ She’s going crazy on this stripped video. Switching from one instrument to another flawlessly and naturally working her vocals, we just want to dance. ‘Melatonin’ captivates our soul and the piano intro haunts us until the end. We can’t wait to see more of this when she will open up for Olivia O’Brien’s shows because it will only be magical. Get more info on UPSAHL, book your tour tickets or stream her songs here.

Sam Ryder- ‘July’

When your fanbase count Elton John, Alicia Keys, and Justin Bieber, you’re living the dream! For Sam Ryder, his new track ‘July,’ will put him on the radar this week and beyond. After posting some brilliant covers of Sia’s ‘Elastic Heart’ and Bill Withers’ ‘Just The Two Of Us,’ the singer-songwriter soothes us with his Ed Sheeran-infused romantic vocal skills. “Been caught up in a hurricane Been down to hell and back again for July I can see a brighter day I can feel a change in the weather, babe Oh, July” he flawlessly sings on the comforting chorus. Its delicate piano strides bring warm summer vibes to our hearts. This song is ones to watch on the various playlists this season. Stream ‘July’ here no matter which month of the year we are in!

Shibashi feat Aoife Whenyoung -‘All The Lights’

Do you wish you can see the future? We do! Shibashi is our fortune-teller, along with Aoife Whenyoung, on the new single ‘All The Lights.’ The crystalline vocals channels feel-good and hopeful vibes that we can’t get over. Groovy and infectious, we can easily think of Mabel‘s upbeat pop essence or Chvrches exulting falsettos. “All the lights up in my world/All the lights Cause I’m honestly in love/With your crystal eyes/Am I stuck in sleep or is this paradise,” sings both Shibashi and Aoife in soothing harmonies. The synthpop riffs lead us to feel better and inspired. Expression helps us to create a comforting environment. That’s why the young roller-skaters in the video send hope to all of us in a world where differences are still struggling to be accepted. Do you want to feel the disco vibes? Stream ‘All The Lights’ here.

Chinatown Slalom – Meet The Parents

Who wants to take a walk on the docks in Liverpool while listening to sweet music? We got the perfect new record to add to your phone, iPod, or whatever you use to listen to your music on the road. Meet Chinatown Slalom, a four-piece from the Merseyside, who recently unveiled their second EP Meet The Parents. Fans of The Lathums or The Coral will appreciate that fresh breeze. We hop from one bop to another on the five-track record. From the boost of ‘Vitamins’ ballad into delicate psychedelia to the country-like guitar strings on ‘Love Is Letting Go,’ the band’s melancholic twist is enchanting. The catchy bass drum is brilliantly finding its way across the smooth vibes on ‘You Can Bet Your Hat On It’ that reminisce of Clean Cut Kid and Circa Waves pop effervescence. Stream here and watch the video for that latter track below.

Brave James – ‘Lighthouse’

What happens when a new music act mixes different electronic sounds and experiment with deep-cut beats? You’ll find London-based Brave James. His complex pop textures on the new track ‘Lighthouse’ are delightful. The track intertwines fierce grooves we can find on Glass Animals‘ work. We can also hear a little bit of the electro late-night ambiances from Jon Hopkins and Floating Points. We dive into a fluffy and dreamy universe. Thanks to the high-cut falsettos that drop like soft rain on the windows for that. ‘Lighthouse’ hypnotic rhythms instantly catch our attention from the very first seconds. It’s easy to feel butterflies in our stomachs. The song is too beautiful to be real! Light the candle, press play, and stream the song here. Your cozy night starts now.

Ginesse – ‘Gatorade’

On our radar this week, we love actresses who keep pushing the boundaries and try out new things. From her Tessa Porter role in The Young And The Restless to her music project, Cait Fairbanks, aka Ginesse, stuns with her new single ‘Gatorade.’ In a kaleidoscopic-inspired video, we love the psychedelic-infused juicy rhythms. Along with colorful tinted notes, the singer seduces us with her melodic and astral tones. The beats reverberate in experimental disco sounds and her vocals peaks through in wonderful falsettos. The supersonic production transcends space and we only fall under the charms of the song. Follow and stream Ginesse on Spotify, you won’t regret it!

HAUSKEY feat Hope Tala – ‘One Minute’

It takes less than ‘One Minute’ to be hooked to Australian producer Hauskey’s new song. The beats are syncing perfectly and bounce altogether. We suggest you move your hips and enjoy the smooth ride. With the addition of Hope Tala on vocals, the song blends Latin culture sounds, modern reggae, and ethereal electronics. It’s not a surprise it’s on our radar this week. The track melody line enlightens our minds through the lyrical darkness. In this world, people from all horizons surround us. Some pretend to be friends. Sadly, they make fake promises and we are stuck in a circle. The animated video captures the essence of the story in such a beautiful way. It makes us more curious about the storyline of the track. We can reflect on the subject while having fun. Stream ‘One Minute’ here.

Faouzia – ‘Hero’

When video games clash with music, you got this new video from our radar artist Faouzia. She’s the Princess Peach to our Mario in ‘Hero.’ “If I was your hero, would you be mine/I know this ain’t a fairytale, this is real life/But if I were to save you, would you do the same?” We can dream of utopic love, can’t we? This upcoming singer-songwriter who shares roots in between Canada and Morocco is not at her first hit in the industry. Back in 2018, she caught the attention of superstar DJ David Guetta and worked on her ‘Battle’ single. More than 300 million streams later, Faouzia duetted with our vocal superpowers queen Kelly Clarkson, crooner John Legend, Galantis and so many of our faves.

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Image Source: TENOR GIF

Battling demons and monsters, Faouzia is our ‘Hero’ with her sugar-coated falsettos. She’s completing a tour de force on her new track, mixing the pop finesse with the 8-bit retro gamer aesthetic. The Manitoba singer creates this rhythmic flow that keeps us addicted. Curious? Stream the song here. You can also watch the Ariel Michelle directed video below and let us know what is your fav superhero between the scenes!

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